Binge Worthy: February Edition


Bingeing television. Some may consider it an addiction but we all do it. There’s no need to be ashamed! What else are you gonna do besides lie in bed all weekend and binge? Exactly.Here is Jerk’s list of the ultimate binge-worthy shows for this February to cure your boredom or just help you procrastinate your work.


Bodyguard (Netflix)

This suspenseful British political thriller stars Richard Madden as Sergeant David Budd, sworn to protecting the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom. Yeah you read that right. Golden Globe Award winner Richard Madden. What other excuse do you need to see Robb Stark back in action?


Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix)

Netflix’s new docuseries is all about notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. I’m going to do you a favor right now and tell you not to expect much from the first episode. This series really gets going at Episode Two. If you scare easily this might not be the show for you. Netflix themselves tweeted “maybe don’t watch it alone.” Do you have goose-bumps or do you have goose-bumps? You have goose-bumps.


Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened (Netflix)

This documentary goes into the disaster that was the Fyre Festival. Seriously, nothing has ever gone this wrong this fast and a picture of a cheese sandwich has never been so funny. THE AMOUNT OF MEMES THAT CAME FROM THIS DOCUSERIES!!!! And if you don’t end up vibing with this doc, head over to Hulu and try watching their Fyre Festival documentary instead.


New Amsterdam (Hulu)

In this hospital drama, Dr. Max Goodwin becomes the new medical director at the oldest public hospital in the United States. Different from the other dozens of medical dramas available for bingeing, this one is based on a true story. And it’s a damn good one. If you miss the old Grey’s Anatomy you should definitely try watching New Amsterdam.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is hands down one of the funniest TV shows still on television. It’s a must watch for fans of The Office and Parks and Recreation. The cast is one of the most diverse I’ve ever seen including characters who are Jewish, African American, Hispanic, Italian, gay and bisexual. And to top it off, Chelsea Peretti’s character, Gina Linetti, is “the human form of the 100 emoji.”


Sex Education (Netflix)

This British teen comedy focuses on what most teens focus on: Sex. Otis Milburn, played by Asa Butterfield, uses the knowledge he gains from his sex therapist mother to help out his eager classmates and their sexless sex lives. Sex Education is surprisingly real, relatable and laugh out loud funny. Stop hyping up 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale and start watching a teen show that actually deserves some hype!!!!! It’s not shade…it’s just the truth.


Skin Wars: Fresh Paint (Netflix)

This reality competition show is a spinoff of the original Skin Wars. It’s similar to Nailed It but instead of cake, the contestants are creating body art. This show is solely for you to watch when you’re high and missing Ru Paul. You know the feeling. Bowl in hand, mind at ease, naked bodies covered in paint! Perfect.


Killing Eve (Hulu)

This BBC thriller series focuses on two women, Villanelle, an assassin with psychopathic tendencies, and Eve, the security officer trying to hunt her down. Sandra Oh already won a Golden Globe for her role as Eve so you know this shit won’t disappoint. Since when have we seen an action thriller centered solely on women? Since never. Until now. This show has been a long time coming and it was honestly worth the wait!!!


American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace (Netflix)

This limited series explores the killing of fashion designer Gianni Versace, similar to the way the first season depicted the O.J. Simpson trial. Darren Criss portrays the killer, Andrew Cunanan and talk about a glow up. Criss went from A Very Potter Musical, to Glee, to winning a Golden Globe.


Russian Doll (Netflix)

Russian Doll is a new comedy from Netflix starring Natasha Lyonne where the main character must repeatedly relive her 36th birthday party after dying each night. Think Happy Death Day, Groundhog Day, and the episode of Supernatural called Mystery Spot except a lot funnier and crass…oh and a lot of cursing. It’s a show perfect for those who can’t get enough of cynical comedy or the hysterical and spunky Natasha Lyonne.


This month’s shows are not going to disappoint, but you better start watching now or you won’t have time for next month’s new TV fads. Oh and just a little tip from Jerk, maybe top off some Ted Bundy Tapes with a little Brooklyn Nine-Nine; you know, just to prevent daily nightmares. Now go out and steal your best friend’s Netflix password because it’s binge city bitch!!!!!