Calling All Folky Indie-Pop Boys and Girls


The day that we’ve been waiting for is finally here: Maggie Rogers has released her debut album, Heard It In A Past Life. If you don’t know who she is, now is your time to dive right into the masterpiece that is HIIAPL. As one of the up and coming artists in the alternative scene, Rogers has taken her knowledge of musicality and created her own style, incorporating in features of folk, r&b, and pop flawlessly. Rogers has been teasing this new album ever since she released her first hit single “Alaska,” a unique pop dance track, back in 2016. Going viral after catching the attention (and tears) of Pharrell Williams, “Alaska” was Rogers’ first big break into the Billboard charts. A year later, she released her Now That The Light Is Fading EP and gave fans a glimpse into the life of the NYU Tisch grad. Attracting the quirky- “I’m not like the others”- art school students with her distinctive sounds, Rogers quickly became an icon, proving to her audience that an art school degree doesn’t always go to waste.

Rogers catches the attention of listeners even before they press play with her simple, yet aesthetically pleasing cover art. Holding red fabric and juxtaposing it with her white tank and blue mom jeans, viewer’s eyes are immediately brought to her graceful self. When examining her face, she appears mysterious, yet modelesque as a slight wind raises a strand of flowy hair. The playful blue sky and sun in the background only further triggers the breezy state of mind fans enter by clicking play (in sequential order of course-- don’t be that crazy person pressing shuffle on a new album).

Another hit single, “Give A Little” is what starts out the entire listening experience. Released last year as another teaser to the long awaited album, Rogers shouts out optimistic and hopeful lyrics about how important it is to love one another in the wake of the national school walk out for gun control. She’s truly a one-of-a-kind musician AND an informed public figure… what more could you ask for? No matter who you are, bright energy is something that everyone needs, and Maggie is here to bring that to you.

Heard It In A Past Life evokes different feelings for everyone, but now it’s your job to listen and FEEL, because that’s what we need more of; unexpected feelings we didn’t know we had.

At only twenty-four years old, Maggie Rogers is a promising star just waiting to be unveiled and respected by the world. So don’t be embarrassed to hide your tears once the album begins wrapping up. Afterall, if Pharrell cried, we can too… right?