Block Party Highlights That You Don’t Remember

Courtesy of Welcome to Block Party—the party freshmen hear rumors of and upper classman look forward to all year. It’s easily the biggest night on campus (except when our basketball team beats Duke in a buzzer beater).

But even with all of the hype, Block Party is, well, not much more than a glorified frat house party in a giant dome-shaped structure that puzzles us all.

Don't get us wrong, we love it. But there's no way to spend this night in the Dome and not think about every house party you've been to this year. Here are some of the weirdest things happening at BP2017, in case your memory is a little blurry.

To set the stage: The bathroom smells like weed and there's a girl puking in it. There are cups all over the floor and pounding loud music that is probably causing hearing loss, but we just don't care anymore. We came for the music and stayed to dance.

There's the kid who partied so hard he had to leave in a wheelchair and to be honest, we all wish we were that into it. And there's your best friend who you are literally connected to with bracelets that have a cord running in between. Remember the girl puking in the bathroom? She came out of the wrong entrance to the bathroom and is now running around the Dome halls headed the wrong way. She may walk a full mile before she finds her friends.

Don’t forget about the main attractions:

There’s Aluna who we love, even though she’s relatively new to the scene. Don’t let those bright red lips fool you, she probably spent half of her set lip singing. But that’s ok. College is literally faking it until you make it. And we know you did the work to get here girl, so we won’t hold it against you.

There’s Zhu who is the cool kid we all think we are. Let’s be real, we all put on party lights and dance music and pretend to be an electro-genius whenever our roommates aren’t home. But honestly, we aren’t Zhu. If we were as mysterious and edgy as he is, we probably wouldn’t walk around the quad petting every cute pupper we see.

Of course there’s also Travis. We all wish we were like him. Despite the dead animal and creepy birds on stage, there’s just something about his energy that’s so attractive we can’t help but want to be just like him. He’s the kid that sits in the back of your writing class who you don’t want to like, because he seems too hyper to ever sit through the entire class, but something about him makes that class enjoyable.

This Block Party was a show to remember (or not remember). Let’s see you beat that next year, University Union.