Seniors Steal the Spotlight at the 2017 VPA Fashion Show


Fashion Show Senior Collections 2017 Nicole Vitali Thursday night, the graduating class of Fashion Design in VPA hosted a fashion show showcasing a 6-piece collection that they have worked on since their sophomore years. There are only 20 seniors in the program, resulting in a very hands-on and exclusive environment. At the start of the fashion show, guests were handed pamphlets including the names of each designer and a description of the collection. The rules of creating the collection are virtually non-existent, so each senior is able to express their unique styles.

Every collection becomes a personal experience and a way for the seniors to leave their mark after a 4-year long career as fashion design students. The looks ranged from velvet galore to crochet everything, and a little boob in between. The 20 seniors each had six models showing off their clothes with different soundtracks as they walked the “runway” created by chairs on the floor of Goldstein Auditorium. Each collection was amazing in its own way, but in terms of real wearability, there were a few that stood out.

Holly Moulis’s collection was full of monotone orange, whites and beiges. Her excerpt explains that her collection was inspired by modern-day women and designed to embody mobility and comfortability. At first glance it was impossible to note, but the material used was handmade quilt. The monochromatic colors and feel to the collection may have just given us our newest idea for a summer wardrobe. Although the quilted material may be a bit too heavy to bare in the summer heat, the monochromatic, light color scheme may be the only way to avoid sweat stains in our favorite shirts this summer.

The collection created by Madeline Hoff was one that only the most talented of artists could pull off. The designer’s collection was denim-inspired with a twist. Very detail-oriented, each piece and part was hand sewn into the outfits along with a section that was hand-painted. Although we may not know much about hand painting, denim everything sounds like a dream. As we all know, a 2000’s denim skirt is never not in style, and if this collection is any indication of the upcoming summer trends it looks like we may be time traveling to 2001.

Fashion Show Senior Collections 2017 Glenda Areluis GutierrezGlenda Gutierrez made crochet look cool again. If we know anything about crocheting, then we know that this collection took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. At first it was unnoticeable, but as the models walked down the runway, it became clear that the clothing they were modeling was 100 percent crochet. One of the best pieces of the collection was a two-piece bikini style with short sleeves. It’s the perfect way to show everyone at the beach this summer what “crochet cool” looks like, and to show your grandmother that her constant crocheting could finally be appreciated in fashion.

The last collection of the night brought us into space for twenty minutes and ended the show with a head turner. The clothing gave off outer space vibes with fragmented pieces sewn on everywhere appearing to be made out of what looked like aluminum. However, the last look of the night was sure to have people talking. As families looked on at the work that their children made for the show, a blonde pixie-haired model strutted her stuff with her boob out, intentionally—a surprising twist that was probably intended due to it being the last collection to walk. The brains behind the collection is senior Brianna Racoosin. Her collection, as explained in her excerpt, was inspired by “the money hungry business men versus the spontaneity of the city streets.”

Each collection was amazing in its own way and showed the rest of us what it looks like to be a dedicated student while we’re here just chilling, thinking about how C’s still get degrees. Congratulations to each senior of the fashion design program who had their collections modeled in the show. It was definitely a night to remember.