Book: A Field Guide to Evangelicals & Their Habitat


Joel KilpatrickA Field Guide to Evangelicals & Their Habitat HarperOne Publishing

By Cassandra Baim

Joel Kilpatrick’s A Field Guide to Evangelicals & Their Habitat is exactly what the title promises—an all-encompassing guide to Evangelicals and everything that makes them unique. Kilpatrick, also the author of, a Christian news website resembling The Onion, designed the book as a guide for any average liberal Joe who wants to incorporate himself seamlessly into the foreign world of evangelism.

Each section focuses on a different aspect of evangelical life, including a play-by-play of an evangelical church service, how to dress evangelically, sighting Evangelicals overseas, and even evangelical mating habits. He offers insight into everything from the church choir to common hand positions in worship. Kilpatrick even tells the reader the best way to throw an evangelical party—all you need is a crock-pot full of Lil’ Smokies and a bangin’ Christian rock playlist (just make sure everyone’s out by 8 p.m.).

If you’re feeling personally responsible for the future of Evangelicals, Kilpatrick’s got you covered with a section on how to raise good, wholesome evangelical children: 12 solid years of home schooling and round-the-clock abstinence education.

Kilpatrick’s guide reads like one of the more lengthy articles in The Onion. And frankly, the faux articles that line the sides of the pages highlight how unreal evangelism seems in a real world context. As a left-wing Jew, I could not have found this book more relatable. Mazel!


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