Book Review: Canaduh

By Rebecca Leviton

CANADUH: Idiots from the Frozen North

by Leland Gregory, BookSurge Publishing

Leland Gregory has dedicated his life, or at least some of his time spent on Earth, to accumulating useless facts and putting them into books. He’s basically one step away from writing textbooks. However, there is one difference between Canaduh and that chemistry book you haven’t opened yet— Canaduh is actually an enjoyable read. It provides Americans with even more opportunities to laugh at Canadians than ever before.

Snicker as you read about the man who tried to bungee jump onto a moving cruise ship. Thank Jesus you never went to Catholic school with the nun who beat children in the name of God. Laugh at one Swiss tourist who explained to a police officer that he was only speeding because he was enjoying the goat-free roads. Gregory also mentions important laws that will come in handy during your next road trip to the endless wasteland of frozen tundra. In Winnipeg, it’s illegal to hit the sidewalk with a metal object, no matter how angry the sidewalk makes you. Bicyclists should also remember to keep both hands on the handlebars at all times in Edmonton, as long as you also use a hand signal every time you turn.

We owe a lot to Gregory for constantly perfecting new ways for us to procrastinate. Needless to say, after reading all about the idiots from the frozen North, your lexicon of insults for SU’s Canadian population will expand beyond “eh” and “dontcha know.” And that’s worth every penny.


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