Boyfriend Jeans Aren't Just For Girls Anymore


JEANS_main Girls love to steal shit from their boyfriends’ closets. From oversized plaid shirts to the invention of “boyfriend jeans,” the unisex and androgynous look has become a favorite — it recreates a masculine look that gives girls a bit of edge with a touch of femininity. These laid back, slouchy fit jeans are a lot more forgiving after a feast than skinny jeans with zero crotch space. The worn-in feel and soft fabric, tailored to mimic your boyfriend’s favorite pair of distressed jeans, are made to hug women’s curves. Boyfriend jeans have oddly become manufactured and marketed more toward women now and have been redesigned to actually fit them better than they fit men. While these jeans have dominated the female fashion market, men are straying from this trend as it tends to give them a repelling reputation.

Despite the stigma that surrounds boyfriend jeans, these jeans are indeed a wardrobe staple for stylish guys who want to rock a casual yet edgy look. The rips and distressing really brings out the ruggedness that these jeans were designed to translate. Boyfriend jeans are soft and extremely comfortable, perfect for everyday wear. The tricky part about finding the boyfriend jeans for you is finding the right fit — there is a myriad of fits within the boyfriend jeans realm, and it depends on what kind of style you are looking for and what looks best on your figure.

Pockets are the main difference between men’s and women’s jeans. For some reason, designers feel like girls don’t need to carry shit in their pockets, which is why girl jeans have much shorter pockets than guy jeans do. Make sure to opt for a pair of boyfriend jeans that don’t look suffocating on your body because they actually make for standout pieces to completing your outfit in a masculine manner. This debunks the stereotype that “boyfriend jeans” are only meant for girls.

Depending on the “boyfriend jean” fit you choose to wear, they may be too tight or too loose since girl jean sizes run differently than guy jeans. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the fits because every different style exudes different personalities and looks.

Boyfriend jeans ooze a “worker jean” vibe that is very on trend for the boys, but a little looser and more distressed. These jeans are reminiscent of the classic Levi’s look, bringing back old school styles and refurbishing the trend to something modern and stylish.

Photo by Adham Elsharkawi