Brew and View 35mm Film Series

palace theater sign

By Matthew Lax

There’s nothing like watching dinosaurs rip shit apart on the big screen, in a big theater, and on 35mm. I grew up watching reruns of Jurassic Park on TNT, but nothing compares to the original. I’m not saying this because I’m some elitist prick with a penchant for caviar (I'm not) or because I find the glory days of film romantic (I do). As a nostalgic tribute to the forgotten “media-grandmothers” of the 21st century, I am compelled to defend a medium — 35mm — that is sadly becoming obsolete.

Every Friday starting at 7:00 p.m., the Palace Theater, located at 2384 James Street, shelves the new releases in favor of a themed-retrospective on original 35mm film prints. My “Monster Night!” experience entailed a triple feature screening the original Giant Gila Monster, Jurassic Park, and Alligator.

Complete with a rustic 1970s vintage aesthetic, The Palace Theater hosted a clan of pre-teen, acne-riddled skateboarders and their fathers begging for patrons to buy a raffle ticket to support the local skate park. Stained-glass chandeliers and 35mm aside, these weekly double features serve booze. Imagine — Hitchcock’s The Birds wasted.

I recommend bringing a large group of people so you can dominate the balcony. That way, when another group of obnoxious movie-goers sitting down below starts yelling as Jeff Goldblum, for reasons unknown, provocatively poses shirtless in Spielberg’s classic, you can throw popcorn (or beer bottles) at them. Make sure to bring a DD chauffeur so you and your buddies can rock out to AC/DC’s “TNT” because your blood is boiling and you’re too drunk to find your way out of the Palace.

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