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By Charlotte Stone

With army base shootings, the implosion of the global economy, and a perpetual war in the Middle East, there is little time for the orgasmic experience of creating art. But the debut of C2 Craft Chemistry in Little Italy shines as a beacon in a world of morbid headlines. The little shop encourages the awakening of the inner-artist and the spirit of creativity while awaiting the title of the “it” community art space.

The main space, featuring a white wall to incite vision and house exhibitions, lies just past the front windows. A full sized mural, scattered with black Sharpie sketches of Tim Burton-esque creatures and framed pieces of the artists’ work, currently occupies one wall. Other pieces by local artisans adorn the quirky furniture pieces spatially arranged in consignment-like design, showing off the collaborative relationship between the artists and C2.

When C2 is not hosting its latest workshop, professionals and amateurs alike work on their own projects in the community craft room. Beyond a wall of revamped retro lockers, available to the public for project and material storage, lies the Research Lab — a quaint room specifically designated as a design and craft library overflowing with look-books and art magazines. Oversized refurbished couches, art nouveau lounge chairs, and floor cushions shroud the Research Lab for visitors’ creative comfort.

Even if you suppress your inner Dali because of a crippling belief that “art” isn’t going to take you anywhere, C2 is worth the adventure.

Photography by Arta Perezic

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