The D.O. Candle

DIY or Die

By Mariel Fiedler

Don’t like The Daily Orange? Great, neither do I. Let’s burn it together. These D.O. candles can house your most loved or hated pieces while emitting a romantic candlelight as you cuddle up with Jerk. Just a few simple steps lie between your special evening with Syracuse University’s daily student-run paper — trapped inside a candle.

syracuse daily orange candle

Materials: 1 Issue of the D.O. 1 Block of paraffin wax 1 Large saucepan 1 Coffee can 1 Hammer or pick 1 Candy thermometer 1 Clear glass jar 1 Stovetop complete with oven mitts 1 Pair of tweezers 1 Pre-tabbed wick 1 Tube of Super Glue 1 Pen tube Step 1 Break the wax into small pieces with a hammer or pick. Place a few chunks in an empty, dry coffee can and set the can into a saucepan filled halfway with water.

Step 2 Turn the stove on high, and place your candle contraption on the burner, stirring frequently.

Step 3 As the wax melts, apply Super Glue to the bottom of the wick. Place it in the empty pen tube. Use the pen tube to guide the wick to the bottom of the glass jar. Once secured, carefully remove the pen tube from around the wick and let it dry.

Step 4 Once the wax hits 130 to 150 degrees, pour it into the glass jar. Have your D.O. on hand. Using the tweezers, place an article or the entire Opinions section delicately on your new creation.

Step 5 Let the wax harden and, when ready, light your silent protest. Photography by Charlotte Stone

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