How to Change Up Your Beauty Routine for Swinter


As a student at Syracuse University, Swinter is the undeniable fifth season. That awkward time between wondering if winter will ever end and the sweet beginning of spring. Having to dress in layers to get to that 8:00 a.m. on time and leaving your last class of the day absolutely sweating...gross. A collection of awkward and downright interesting fashion statements: from cropped jeans and sneakers, layered lightweight jackets and an array of sunglasses options to keep up with the fashion forefront...or extreme weather front??? It’s difficult to keep up these days. While fashion choices are limited, skincare is as important as ever during the approaching ~swinter~ weeks. It’s inevitable, folks. It’s time to fix that cracked skin, find the perfect deodorant that will never let you down, and the ultimate hand cream to fix up that wintry mess.   

Deodorant: Spray, Gel or Stick?????? WTF?  

During this time, it is SO IMPORTANT to make sure you smell good. Keep yourself fresh during this confusing time and do the kid sitting next to you in class a favor by swiping on some deodorant. TBH , it’s pretty difficult to decide what the best deodorant is because every company is a liar. When it came time to test some out, the lies were clear. “24-Hour,” “Goes on clear,” “Clean feel,” and my ultimate favorite: “48-Hour.” You have bigger problems if you only use deodorant every two days. To start off this test, I stuck with my all-time favorite deodorant brand: Dove (but Secret gel, duh). I tried out three different formulas: spray, gel and stick. For each style deodorant, I stuck with the original because I did not feel ballsy enough to try different scents. Maybe another time.   


Honestly, the spray deodorant was fucking awesome. It  made me feel super clean and airy, and I loved the fact that I did not have to put something directly onto my skin. Spray deodorants are super popular in Europe so I’m feeling very sophisticated right now. It’s literally sold everywhere, just take a trip to CVS.  


I decided to try gel deodorant because most of my friends use it, but honestly the idea of it freaked me out. After trying it, it truly weirded me out even more. I was not a fan of the texture and I felt that I had to dry my armpits before putting my arms back down. It was definitely an interesting experience that I do not plan on undertaking ever again. Ew.   


I have always been a stick girl, but after trying the spray deodorant, I don’t think I could ever go back. I do not think that stick deodorant goes on clear in the slightest because you always wind up getting white dust on a black shirt, ya feel me? 

Winning Lineup 

  1. Spray 
  2. Stick 
  3. Gel  


While deodorant is SUPER important, skin care is vital to a perfect swinter as well. I decided to ask my friends what kind of moisturizer they use in order to get a wide range of products for a variety of different skin types. Here’s what I found.  

Bliss Drench ‘n’ Quench   

Bliss Drench ‘n’ Quench is super awesome. This is a water-based moisturizer to nourish skin. The actual texture of this cream is very liquidy, almost like the slime you made in kindergarten science class. It’s fun and you feel hydrated almost instantly. This is perfect for anyone with dry skin or anyone who needs a quick hydration boost. 

SkinMedica Rejuvenative Moisturizer   

This moisturizing cream is great for anyone whose skin really took a beating this winter. Don’t worry, I’m definitely a member of that club. Since this winter was particularly brutal, this moisturizer will definitely help bring your skin back to life!    


Cetaphil is basically my child. I use it on my face and body and it’s literally $10.00 at any CVS. I have insanely sensitive skin, which means I cannot use any fancy moisturizing creams; therefore, I love how gentle Cetaphil products are. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. It’s my OG, my go-to, my obsession. Use it proudly as it will fix your skin right up after this disgusting winter!  

Hand Creams

Of course, swinter doesn’t only wreak havoc on your face and underarms. It fucks up your hands too! Let’s take a look at my favorite baby, portable hand creams.  

Eos Hand Lotion  

Honestly, Eos has never let me down. I know their lip-balm eggs were a world phenomenon in middle school, but their hand cream is awesome. First of all, it’s so fucking cute. It literally fits in your palm and it actually works. What more could you want? OH and it’s also $1.99 at Target. BOOM.   

Thymes Olive Leaf Hand Cream  

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated hand cream, this is definitely for you. Thymes has great products and this hand cream in particular smells super fresh. It looks adult, smells like a flower garden, and is tiny as fuck.  

Miracle Hand Repair  

Aloe is bae. I wish I could put aloe in everything because I just feel like it would fix all of my problems. Although, this hand cream is not as cute as the last two, it’s super effective. It will fix your hands right up so you can get back to studying for your exams after using this bad boy. It looks ugly from the outside, but trust, it’s a beauty on the inside. It smells fresh as fuck too. 

Skincare is super important, but you definitely do not need to go out and drop 50 bucks on some elaborate cream. Just do some research on what types of products are good for your skin. I stick to Cetaphil and EOS cream and my face and hands are as smooth as a baby’s butt. Now yours can be too!