Cowboy Eggs & Sunday Morning Mimosas

By Keegan Crowley

Giddy-up, It’s Breakfast Time

My mom taught me how to make these eggs when I was four years old and since then, they have been my favorite. I have no idea why she named them ‘Cowboy Eggs’, but I refuse to call them ‘Egg in a Hole’, ‘cause let’s face it, it’s a boring name and sounds kind of like a weird sexual fantasy. Ew. Anyway, if you enjoy the great combination of toast and eggs, you own a pair of cowboy boots, or just think cowboys are hot, lasso up the simple ingredients and try out this recipe.

Cowboy Eggs

Ingredients Bread (As many slices as your heart desires) Eggs (1 egg to each slice of bread) 2 tablespoons Parmesan A few springs of Dill

1. Slice bread (if not already sliced) into even slices and cut out some sort of shape from the center. Save the bread cut-out. 2. Scramble the eggs, add the parmesan and the dill. 3. Heat up the skillet to medium-high, butter it, and put in the bread. 4. Make sure the dill is stirred up from the bottom and fill the holes of the bread with the eggs. 5. Let cook about 1 minute before flipping. 6. Add salt and pepper to your liking (or ketchup… soooo good) and eat with your hands, or with silverware if you’re a bit more polished than my friends and I.


8 ounces Champagne (We used André) 2 ounces Orange Juice

Mix and serve in a champagne flute. Spend the rest of your Sunday in a lazy champagne haze.