Day 16-19: When It Rains, It Pours


trump 2 The Trump administration has had a busy week trying to collectively undermine the United States’ governmental system.

It began on Saturday, when the 45th president called out federal Judge James Robart for halting the controversial Muslim travel ban. Trump referred to Robart as a “so-called judge,” before urging his legion of supporters to blame Robart “if something happens:”

There are a lot of issues with this statement, aside from the second grade-level grammar. Trump essentially stated that he intends to function as an absolute ruler, and sees anyone who might oppose his agenda as an adversary, even if they are simply trying to uphold the constitution.

The irony is that Robart isn’t some radical judge; in fact, he is quite the opposite. Robart is a George W. Bush appointment, and is seen by peers as a moderate republican. But in Trump’s world of alternative facts, there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping him from throwing a childish temper tantrum.

Then, on Monday, our wanna-be-dictator was called out by an actual dictator when Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei thanked Trump for showing “the true face of the US,” saying that the country is and has always been seeped in corruption. “His actions now have demonstrated the reality of America and the meaning of American human rights,” concluded Khamenei about Trump. An Iranian official also stated that the country would not renegotiate the Iranian nuclear deal, which was a constant target of derision from Trump during his campaign.

Khamenei left Americans with what could be interpreted as a severe warning: “Trump says fear me,” Khamenei said. “No. The Iranian nation will respond to your comments with a demonstration on the 10th of February. They will show others what kind of stance the nation of Iran takes when threatened.”

No one seems to be sure exactly what that means, which is actually good news for Trump, as it plays into his love of uncertainty.

The silver lining here, if one chooses to see it that way, is that years from now, history will not look kindly upon Trump’s early follies. The only way that wouldn’t happen is if the senate narrowly confirmed a moronic billionaire to head up the Department of Education, a woman with no experience and a lackadaisical plan to diminish the potency of our public school system.

Luckily, democratic senators have protested, even a few republicans have rebelled, so that would never happen, right?