DIY or Die trying: fuck the black cat and get creative


tutu BY: Aubrey Schopinsky

The pinnacle event of fall is Halloween: ‘tis the season for candy, trick or treating, and costumes. However, that’s only if you’re a five-year-old convinced they are the reincarnation of the Little Mermaid. For the rest of the world, Halloween runs on the saying “less is more”, and the holiday has become Girls Gone Wild Part II. As a poor college student, not many of us have the budget to buy cheaply made, over priced costumes. And, as a generation that likes to push our individuality and creativity in everyone’s face, a do-it-yourself (DIY) costume is the perfect solution. Here are five tips to balance your budget and look hot at the same time.

  1. Home-made Tutu: All you need is a piece of ribbon and some tulle which can be found at any craft store. Cut the ribbon a little longer than your waist so it can be tied. Then, cut the tulle into strips and tie it all around the ribbon. The more tulle, the puffier it will be. This can be implemented into many different costumes; a peacock, ballerina, or even a snowman!
  2. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke: For Miley, you just need a nude leotard, and an artistic touch. Simply paint that classy, tongue bearing bear on your boobs and you’re all set. Guys: Any goodwill will have a tacky, cheap suit for Robin Thicke. However, the most important part in pulling off this costume is the twerking and grinding. If you want to be even more legit, spring for a foam finger!
  3. Minion: All you need is either overall shorts (can be found at Forever 21), or just regular jean shorts with suspenders. Pair it with either a yellow bandeau or a yellow t-shirt, depending on how much you want to be sexually assaulted that night. If you want to go all out, buy a cheap winter hat and put black pipe cleaners in it for hair. Then all you need are some round glasses: try a toilet paper tube, or just buy round black glasses.
  4. PLL: If you’re going in a group, don a LBD (little black dress), permanent terrified expression, and remember to constantly look behind you, and ya’ll can be the pretty little liars.
  5. Social Media: Finally, this DIY is the simplest, and most creative. Take a cardboard box and cut out a large frame. You can paint, draw, or color the frame however you’d like mimicking your favorite sites (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest). Dress however you’d like and what someone asks what you are, hold up your frame and freeze. Done.

In conclusion, if you still hold on to the pathetic belief that you are a princess, just remember to calm down even if your costume is a little too short, lacking in fabric, or not as perfect as you pictured. Prince Eric is less interested in your voice and more interested in what’s under your fins.

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