Do it for the Yeti

Photo Courtesy of We all know how badly everyone on campus wants in on the Syracuse Snapchat campus story at some point during our college careers. I can’t be the only one who tries at least 3 times a day to get on it, right? Only one? Okay. Well anyways, now we have another alternative… but I don’t know how desperately anyone should want to get on this campus story.

If you don’t know what Yeti is yet, you should. If you thought Syracuse was wild before, one quick look at Yeti’s campus story will leave no doubt in your mind. It has become very clear that Syracuse students are taking the "work hard, play harder" motto seriously, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Yeti provides a wide variety of tits, coke, and weed with a side of nudes and people getting straight up fucked. Oh, and you can’t forget the alcohol. To put it simply, it’s basically the R-rated version of the Snapchat campus story. It’s a little funny, it’s a little gross, and it’s a whole lot of crazy. It similar to that one TV show that frustrates the crap out of you and you always say you’re gonna stop watching, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Because it’s addicting as fuck. That’s Yeti for you.

I find Yeti as entertaining as the next person, but I have some genuine concerns that need to be addressed. Let’s face it—half the shit being broadcasted on this app is illegal and/or just downright morally questionable. I mean no judgement, but we need to face the facts. There should at least be some guidelines regarding what you can and cannot post. Actually, there’s one. And it’s pretty simple. ANYTHING, BUT THE FACE. You want to post a shot of your boobs? Go for it, just don’t show your face. You want to let the world know how much weed you smoke and how much coke you snort? Go for it, just don’t show your face.

Yeti is all fun and games until people start recognizing you all over campus for crazy shit that you probably don’t want to be known for during your remaining college years. What might seem funny or sexy in that moment could totally bite you in the ass later on (by the way, it wasn't sexy in the moment). Because let’s not forget, the internet is forever. While it may seem temporary because you think once someone views it, it’s gone, don’t forget that with those views comes many screenshots. I know, I know, I’m totally sounding like the mom of the year right now, but as a general guide to maintaining a solid reputation, don’t post anything on public social media that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see.

But hey, for all you reckless ones out there (and I know there are quite a few of you here on our lovely Syracuse campus) do you, boo. Do you. Keep posting you rolling those blunts, cutting those lines of coke, and drinking that alcohol for all of the world to see with no filter. Keep doing it for the Yeti, but be safe kiddies. Someone’s always watching.