How to Find Your "Fall Vibe"

Photo by Adham Elsharkawy Fall is finally here and you officially don’t have to sweat your outfit off. I obviously love summer, but where I am from (check out my bio at the end to find out), I don’t get to experience the change of seasons. I am always in the temperature range of 85 to 100 degrees, so my focus when choosing outfits is minimizing sweating at all cost. It is a HUGE struggle.

But enough about me, let’s get to the topic at hand… campus fall fashion. Putting together an outfit during PSL season is essentially attempting to finding a balance between wearing something that protects you from the drop of temperature in the morning, but also not having too many thick layers that will fuck you over when it rises throughout the day. And somewhere in that madness, you develop your fall vibe.

Fall vibe (a.) = a fashion persona that one becomes over the course of the season of fall. What are your fall essentials? What color will you feature this fall? Are you going to buy the season’s trends or mix it up with what you already have? There are certain styles that you see emerging around campus as the leaves start to change color. You may or may not fall (no pun intended) under these categories, but you sure as hell can’t deny that you have seen them around.

Basically Average

This character goes about their fall days with the duck-resembling Sperry Boots (I have to get this off my chest… they are just repulsive), winter vests, black leggings or black yoga pants. They either rep their sorority letters, a Syracuse long sleeve that they bought for tailgates, or just a plain sweater. There can be variations to this outfit, sweater wise, but that’s pretty much it. Guys follow this look as well. Instead of leggings they vary between jeans or sweatpants. The Vineyard Vines sweater and a Polo Ralph Lauren hat are their go-to. Oh, and don’t forget the flannel.

Denial Danas

Cropped tops, shorts, sandals and maybe high socks and a sweater to protect themselves from the cold. But, these resistant peeps are completely in denial that winter is in fact coming. Fall doesn’t exist for them. It is just a chilly summer day. Socks and sandals are a must with these campus characters.

Trendy Betches

The outfits under this SU fall character consists solely of grey, black, and white essentials. Black leggings, yoga pants (the usual), or a variation of yoga pants with patterns is the way to go. They never part from the lemur tones (not a popular spirit animal so Google it). A light sweater, black high tops, and a choker they bought from some sorority trunk show completes their whole “edgy, trendy look." If it is really sunny, Rays Bans or Dior Sunglasses come at play.

The Midterm Look

Fuck yeah, midterms are over. No more all-nighters, five or more coffees a day, and eye bags that roll all the way down East Adams hill. But, these fall personas vibe the Midterm look all day every day. Sweatpants, hoodies, and Uggs (still not cool) are the way to go if you want to accomplish this lazy look. Don’t forget a messy bun and a Starbucks-whatever in one hand with a review in the other.

Cozy Mofo

These characters have no chill with fall at all, much less winter. They work all of their power towards accomplishing that not a single bit of skin is exposed to the dropping temperatures. They mix up all types of patterns, textures and colors just to feel like they are next to a fireplace with cocoa in a cup and warm feels in their heart at all times.


Plain shirt or tank with a layering sweater, leggings, and Steve madden boots. Nothing exciting.

Fashion Killas

These are the characters that live for this season: the head turners. They kill it every day and may sometimes sacrifice comfort to have that outfit on point. These outfits may or may not include stunning fur coats, a lot of all-black, and a big, cozy scarf. They take the Quad on as their runway and embrace this lovely season.

So there you have it. If you read this and it doesn’t make sense to you well pay close attention to the people that surround you around campus and you will soon see the truth. Don’t get offended if you find yourself under one of these categories (though do so with the Sperry Boots) because they’re just your fall vibe. If you don’t like it, reevaluate, change up your game plan, and have a fun fall because trust me… winter won't be nearly as forgiving.