Don't Miss The Fuck Cancer Event at DJ's On The Hill, TONIGHT at 10 p.m.


12656423_10153488811498719_1979738519_o Whatever your current boozeday Tuesday night plans are– cancel them ASAP. Tonight, pull a freshman and head to DJ’s for a change in honor of Syracuse’s first annual Fuck Cancer event. With one hand holding a 'Cuse juice and the other giving cancer the middle finger, you’re bound to have a great night.

After sophomore Claire Greenbaum’s mother passed away in 2010 after battling Ovarian cancer, her family wanted to do something to give back to the cancer community as a whole. Since her mom always loved a good party, Greenbaum and her family thought what better way to celebrate her mother’s life than throwing a party in her honor. What started as a small party in downtown Montreal with 300 people escalated to Fuck Cancer parties all over Canada and the U.S.. Fuck Cancer has thrown shindigs in LA, NYC, and Miami.

Coming from Canada, Greenbaum never thought she would have the opportunity to come to SU, since most people from Montreal stay at home for university and commute. “When I had the opportunity to come here to Syracuse, it was the beginning of such a great love affair,” Greenbaum shared.

After getting adjusted to college life her freshman year, Greenbaum returned to school this year determined to bring her family’s impactful event here to campus. “I am so passionate and proud to go to Syracuse and same goes for Fuck Cancer. I knew it wouldn’t be feasible my freshman year to make an event, but this year I was so excited to do it,” she said. With the help of her friends, her sorority Alpha Phi, and the Greek community at large, it was easier to put together the Fuck Cancer event than she initially thought.

Greenbaum hopes that tonight, people will feel a connection and know that everyone in some way has been affected by this horrible disease. “I hope people will know that we are all in this together. Losing my mother was such a difficult obstacle to deal with in my life and that I still deal with everyday. However, it’s nice to feel the bond and connection that is created at these events.”

For access to the Fuck Cancer event tonight at 10pm at DJ’s on the Hill, e-mail Greenbaum for tickets at