Empowered Hashtags: Students React to Hanna Strong Video


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've definitely heard of Hanna Strong by now. Strong, a senior on the SU women’s soccer team, called someone a “f*ggot-ass n*gger” in a video posted on Instagram, and later on blacksportsonline.com, last Saturday. The story was immediately picked up by multiple news outlets and made major waves on social media. Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross made a statement announcing Strong's indefinite suspension from the team, while Chancellor Kent Syverud weighed in on the matter the next day, preaching a need for "tolerance and respect" — though it wasn't made clear what we should tolerate here. The Daily Orange published Strong's official statement/apology on Wednesday, but this issue is certainly not put to rest.

In an inspiring turn of events, students are leading the effort to promote a meaningful discussion on racism and homophobia on our campus. SU's NAACP chapter led a meeting on Friday to discuss the issue of respecting diversity on campus, and students, alumni, and faculty have been tweeting/Instagramming all week with the hashtags #SpeakUpSU, #OUTspokenSU, and #ITooAmSU to bring light to these issues and how we can achieve a more just community.

Check out some of the powerful messages below.

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