English Teachers Are Too Cool for School


10_17_RealTalk Some people may think that being an English teacher in high school is a boring job, where you just introduce students to Shakespeare and The Great Gatsby. But, on television it’s a whole different story. Your teacher has dark hair and dreamy eyes like Mr. Fitz from Pretty Little Liars. On television, your teacher is cool and wears a motorcycle jacket like Mr. Turner on Boy Meets World. On television, the male English teacher is the epitome of cool – making all of my high school English teachers look like Mr. Feenie (sorry, I still love you Feenie).

Below are some classic scenarios that happen with your English teacher on television but probably won’t ever happen in real life… but we can dream.

1. You fall in love with him... and he reciprocates. Aria on Pretty Little Liars is living every teenage girl’s dream. She has a hot English teacher who she meets in a bar before class starts (still trying to figure out how she got into said bar at 16 but whatever), and has a lil quickie in the bathroom of said bar. She then hooks up with her dreamy teach and on the first day of class, realizes that he’s her new teacher (cue the dramatic music). You know, that’s when things should become awkward but instead Mr. Fitz just falls in love with Aria and their relationship gets more adorable. She also has a nice distraction from finding out who A is considering she won’t find out until her and Fitz are married with kids anyway (Season 20 of Pretty Little Liars coming soon to a television nowhere near you).

2. Your English teacher adopts you. On Boy Meets World, Cory’s best friend Shawn develops a deep relationship with his English teacher, Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner is also smoking hot. He has great hair and rides a motorcycle. Not only does Shawn end up living with him, but Mr. Turner also becomes Shawn’s legal guardian. I want a cool, hot English teacher to adopt me – just putting it out there.

3. Your English teacher dates your mom. On Gilmore Girls (which I’m currently binge watching on Netflix), Rory’s mom Lorelei dates her English teacher Max Medina. Max also has dark hair (what’s up with all these English dark-haired cuties?), charming and obviously intelligent. Things don’t work out with Max and Lorelei (she was destined for Luke anyways), but still Rory was actually cool with her mom dating Max for a while, even when all those Chilton gals found out about the little rendezvous. You know why that was? He was another sophisticated and cool English Teacher.

So, maybe these sophisticated English teachers only live in our wildest television dreams but at least we know they exist somehow. I’m still trying to figure out the obsession with having dreamy male English teachers on television, but at the same time I kind of get it. Who wouldn’t want an intelligent, older male reading Shakespeare to you in class? Or maybe, that’s just the English nerd in me.