Finals Hack: Where to Find the Best Coffee on Campus

Design by Brittany Isdith The top three essentials for college students are coffee, coffee, and… more coffee. Luckily SU has plenty of options to keep you caffeinated and ready-to-go.

Here is my head-to-head breakdown of each campus coffee shop.

People’s Place

Hidden in the basement of Hendrick’s Chapel, most people forget about this student-run, not-for-profit gem. The prices are unbeatable compared to other coffee spots, with $1.50 for a large drink and $1 if you bring in a reusable mug, making People’s Place both inexpensive and environmentally conscious. Though they only accept cash, it’s worth carrying around a few extra dollars.

Swing by before your class in Maxwell or HBC without breaking the bank for good vibes, good service, and good coffee.

Drink of choice: Hazelnut coffee (definitely try the Austin Powers though)!


I have mixed feelings about corporate coffee. It's undeniable that the drinks are delicious, but the Starbucks on Marshall Street always seems to be a little too packed. It's baffling that students manage to get their work done there, and I’ve missed class on more than one occasion waiting in line. Mobile ordering is a thing now too. But there's just something about waiting forever in a crowded shop and fumbling through a complicated order that you can’t experience behind a phone screen.

Starbucks is a slightly more expensive option but occasionally you just need to treat yourself to a Siren-logo drink.

Drink of choice: Caramel Macchiato

Café Kubal

10/10 on the good vibes. Kubal is the place to go if you’re looking to escape the campus bubble without actually leaving campus. It’s next to a thrift store and offers the cool latte art designs that everyone posts on Instagram, so it’s honestly the epitome of the motto, “so hip, so cool.” It does hurt my soul a little every time I spend $4-5 per visit, but what can you do? Being a hipster comes at a price (looking at you, Urban Outfitters).

The coffee is strong, and your experience will be too. Just grab a good seat and spend the morning catching up on work and/or taking artsy pictures of your drink.

Drink of choice: Mocha latte

Dunkin Donuts

I started out loving Dunkin’ and its convenient location in Schine, but as they say, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. I guess I got too hype about being able to use my SUID there and receiving the “Buy 5 drinks, get 1 free” punch card. Now, with $3 left in my SUperfood account and numerous punch cards later, I’ve realized my drinks are always inconsistent – too sweet, not sweet enough, so sweet it could cause death by sugar rush. Yet I continue to go there with hopes of rekindling the old romance.

So be cautious, young ones. Don't fall in love and get hurt. And, FYI a flavor swirl is sweeter than a flavor shot.

Drink of choice: Iced Hazelnut coffee

Pages Café

Access to coffee in a library should be available to college students everywhere. Luckily, Bird has got you covered with Pages. Again, don’t go too HAM with your SUID here but a coffee and late night snack during a grueling study sesh can be the key to getting an A. Also available here: those nifty caffeine bars that say “1 bar = 1 cup o’ joe.” It tasted just like chocolate to me and didn’t do much to energize me, but maybe it depends on your personal caffeine tolerance level.

Stick to the drinks, and take advantage of Pages during a hectic time in the school year (hint: finals week).

Drink of choice: Chai