Cusechella: How Syracuse Students Transform Any Sign of Decent Weather Into a Full-blown Event

Photo by Erica Mack When late April rolls around and the sun’s rays hit the pale skin of Syracuse students, the vibe on campus changes. Maybe it’s because the constant anxiety of slipping and falling on a patch of ice weighs down the mood during the winter, but once people start to shed their Canada Goose jackets, they act as if it's day two of Coachella Michael Jackson has risen from the grave to perform for them.

If you look around campus on a warm day, you'd think you were at a music festival.

Here's how SU's campus compares to summer festivals when the sun comes out. We're calling it "Cusechella."


At any festival, what you wear is important. You never know who is judging you as you sway back and forth to Bon Iver. At 'Cuse, the pressure is essentially the same. “It’s 51 degrees, but I was taught to round numbers up in school so I guess it’s like 60. That means its crop top and shorts weather!” People show off earthy headbands, the sun dress they've been saving for “the right moment," and of course, the latest sunglasses from J. Michael’s (that 200 other people have). I hate to break it to you kids, but there are no paparazzi trying to take your picture.


Everyone knows that at festivals, documenting your time is important. Same goes in Cuse if its nice out because you never know when the sun is going to shine again. Honestly, if it’s nice out and sunny and you didn’t take a picture, were you even outside? This means so. Many. Pictures. After a while, I have to stop scrolling on Instagram because my thumb starts to hurt. But don’t worry, I already double tapped 500 that are identical to yours, so I guess that counts as me liking it.


Alcohol can be vital in certain situations. Festivals? Yes. Tuesday afternoons in Syracuse? Of course. If it’s a nice day, you have to be drunk. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly.


The main reason you go to the festivals is for the music. There are always artists playing at different stages, so if you are so over Diplo this summer, don’t worry because The Weeknd is playing at the same time. The same can be said for different parties in Cuse. If your ex shows up at the day drink at Castle, it's all good. Head over to ATO's porch for the best warm-weather tunes on campus. Oh, and the house two doors down from there is throwing a banger too. You have options.

Cusechella is the best time of the year in Syracuse. I think I’m gonna start selling tickets to this shit. Like any popular festival, people will pay for it... you know, just to say they went.