Four or More Ways to Foreplay—In Public


dsc_1460 Trying to have sex without foreplay is equivalent to trying to drive a car without any gas—the idea’s nice, but you’re not going to get anywhere without it. Often like the middle child of the family, foreplay is ignored, or rushed very quickly, essentially eliminating the excitement of sex.

Now, we all know that spontaneous, spur of the moment, Mr. and Mrs. Smith type savage sex can be hot, but any other time, foreplay is essential in keeping the fire alive in any sexual relationship. This is why we at Jerk have taken the liberty of creating a method of six ways to foreplay in public, from moderately tame to outright kinky.

1. Under The Table

There’s more to this than just footsie. Getting a little handsy on someone’s thigh while out to dinner shows that you’re thinking about more than just the food. This also includes a playful ass grab, waist grab, or running your fingers down your partner’s back. Any kind of touching that others can’t see, but you can feel, is pretty hot—plus, there’s that slight element of danger.

2. Making Out in Places with Limited Time

This includes elevators, planes, and trains—pretty much any mode of public transportation. There’s a thrill that comes with doing something a little dirty or not PC in a place where someone could walk in any minute. Having to pull apart from one another right before the doors open, or before someone comes down the aisle, or as you hear a knock at the door, is just like that scene in Twilight where Bella looks for dangerous thrills in hopes of seeing Edward… Adrenaline makes you feel like you’ve never felt before.

3. Dirty Whispering

There’s something so incredibly hot about someone whispering something dirty in your ear, as you’re surrounded by people who have no idea. It shows that you’re horny, dominant, and a little freaky. Whispering dirty things like “I want you so bad right now” while out at dinner or even in class will ensure wild sex later on in the evening.

4. No Touching…At All

This may sound weird at first, but if you and your partner decide before going out to play a little game of who can keep their hands off one another the longest until you’re alone at the end of the night, the result is really sexy. There’s something about making touching forbidden until you’re alone that’s so hot. It leads to getting so horny and so wound up that you just unleash all your pheromones on each other at once when you’re finally alone at the end of the night.

5. Panty Raid

This one’s for the braver ladies and gents out there. If you’re out in public, slip aside to the restroom, and slyly hand over your panties to your partner under the table, or when no one’s looking. His or her face will say it all. You have just won yourself an incredibly surprised and aroused lover for the night. You’re welcome.

6. Play With Toys

This may be the kinkiest of foreplay incorporations and is not for the faint of heart. This includes a vibrator in your underwear that your partner controls with a remote, and other things of that nature. Toys are a sure way to spice up your sex life in public, especially if you’re someone that likes being a little bad and isn’t afraid of some risk.


From tame to kinky, foreplay can be incorporated in any relationship at any time—even in the most public of spaces.