Donald Trump: Fuckboy or Playboy?

161005125850-trump-playmates-1993-exlarge-169 “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past,” says Rafiki from The Lion King. While that may be true for Simba, it certainly isn’t true for Donald Trump. Recently more of Donald Trump’s past has been dug up, making this election even more interesting. One of the latest: his involvement with Playboy.

Throughout his whole campaign it’s been no surprise that Trump struggles with appealing to female voters. His past degrading comments towards women have surfaced from years ago and his Playboy past is certainly not helping. While the information released does say that whatever participation Trump had with Playboy did not involve nudity (yay for some professionalism), he was involved in conducting interviews with Playboy models and was even featured on the cover of a Playboy magazine issue. The publishers of Playboy wanted extra media attention for the 40th edition and believed Donald Trump could draw some crowds. One of the models also did say he was respectful and professional, and a senior photo editor said he was businesslike. But enough about the facts, here’s our take at Jerk.

Donald Trump is certainly a spectacle, and while some believe he is the country’s saving grace, many believe he is Satan. Regardless, if you support Trump we don’t think that this Playboy incident will change your mind. Instead it will just make those that hate him, hate him even more. Hillary Clinton will continue to target him, and the media will continue to cover his past.

The only explanation we have for him, and hear us out, is that he had no intentions of running for president when he was younger. He was a successful businessman and was focused on his success. Had he known he would be running for the most important position in the world, maybe he would’ve done things differently. Maybe. At least we can hope. Hillary on the other hand has been preparing for this campaign since God knows when. She is groomed for politics and has an extensive past in government positions. The two candidates could not be any different.

But let’s think of the bright side, when your kids learn about this election in history class, you get to tell them that we experienced this absurdity first-hand. In November as you cast your vote, consider the candidates’ policies, credentials, and how they can improve the country. If Trump gets elected, then I guess Rafiki was right about the past not mattering.