SU Delivers So You Can, Too



Free protection delivery to your dorm and unlimited information on sexual health makes for a movement we should all get on board with.

Patented with the slogan “We Deliver So You Can Too,” the Safer Sex Express is a relatively new resource provided by Syracuse University that works in collaboration with Health Services and the Office of Health Promotion on campus.

“I was part of the original idea at Boston University before coming here; and when I got here, I realized not a ton was being done with sexual health,” said Michelle Goode, health promotions specialist at SU. Last year, Goode teamed up with the public relations students to assist with design and marketing to launch the project.

“After a lot of research and discussion, we found a lot of kids weren’t using condoms because of either embarrassment, cost, or really just not knowing the importance of protection,” Goode said.

Funded by the New York State Department of Health, as well as a co-curricular fee that provides supplies and marketing, the team took action to spread sexual health awareness and accessibility around campus.

How it works

Live on campus? The Safer Sex Express will discreetly deliver the protection of your choice—ranging from external condoms to oral dams to lubricants—in a fashionable blue tulle bag accompanied with instructions, because protection is only good if you know how to use it. To order, head online to and retrieve the order form under "Safer Sex Express."

For those living off-campus, feel free to stop by the Health Services building and dip your hand into the baskets of free condoms located outside the restrooms. Not sure what protection is best for you? Fear not—the Safer Sex Express Protection Plan provides a complete flow chart of options that best suit your needs.

“People’s bodies are so different so it’s important to try different types that fit their body as well as their partner’s body,” Goode said. “Plus, everyone likes to get mail.”

Beyond offering complementary protection, Health Services is working towards offering free transportation to get students to Planned Parenthood off-campus. On campus, Health Services is qualified to prescribe birth control, provide confidential STI testing, and insert IUDs.

“We advocate for people to explore: we want everyone to have fun, safe, experimental sexual relations, with the understanding that 'no symptoms' does not mean 'no STI,'” Goode said.