Sensual Strains: The Best Weed for Sex



Tingly, euphoric, blissful—all feelings that can be triggered by both really good weed, and really good sex. As any stoner will tell you, high sex is the best sex. Some strains are better for arousal than others though, so we’ve gathered our favorites to blaze before getting it on below.

Grandaddy Purple

If you have a hard time relaxing before sex, or experience pain during penetration, Grandaddy Purp is for you. This frosty indica strain is renowned for its intensely calming, pain-relieving effects. Because this is an indica, having too many puffs may get you pretty sleepy; this is not the strain for high-energy, tear-your-clothes-off-and-fuck-upside-down-sex. This is the strain for slow, intense sex with someone you probably like a lot. Good luck finding whoever that is.

Ultimate Trainwreck

This is a sweet and potent sativa; if you’re looking to get super high without being coach-locked, this is your strain. Sativas tend to increase energy, creativity, and happiness, so if you’ve been wanting to try something a little more daring in the bedroom, this strain might spark some ideas (and lower inhibitions enough to act on the fantasies you previously felt too shy to live out).

Sunset Sherbet

The name alone should sell you on this fruity indica-dominant hybrid, but if it doesn’t, the intensely mellow, thoughtful head-high and tingly body-high should do it. This strain combines pleasant, social anxiety-easing effects with a total lightness of body; it feels like you’re floating. This is great for fun, dreamy sex where you could try some daring new positions, but you also feel comfortable enough to melt into whatever position is easiest to do while cuddling.

Sour Dream

If straight sativa takes your anxiety to terrifying levels, but plain indica leaves you KO’ed, this sativa-dominant hybrid may be your ideal bud. The sativa clears your mind of social anxiety and stress, making dirty-talk less contrived and more genuine declarations of desire. The strain also has powerful uplifting effects, so if you weren’t already excited about having sex (which is fine btw; having a low sex drive or typically subdued desires is nothing to be ashamed of), a bowl of this may have you feeling otherwise.

You probably won’t be able to buy any of these luxe varieties off of Chad from Psi U, but next time you or a friend (or bae) hits up the dispensary, make a point to pick up at least a test gram of one of the strains listed. They're sure to take your session in the sack to glorious new heights.