Get Ready for the Summer of Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey Finally the time has come where I get to write about my number one gal, the lady I hail down to, and the woman who I named my car after: Lana Del Rey *choir sings*. This summer is a big one for Lana — she’s going on a mini tour with singer Grimes and releasing her fourth album titled Honeymoon. Lana will be in Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Atlanta, and West Palm Beach (basically a bunch of major cities on the East coast) in the beginning of the summer and tickets are still available.

Grimes is the perfect opener for Lana, and if you haven’t heard of her, check out her song “REALiTi," below.

Grimes is very eccentric, but it helps her stand out from the crowd of indie female singers, and it’s all a part of who she is. Her music, at first listen, seems to have a sort of oriental feel, and although this may sound bizarre, but I first heard “REALiTi” and thought I had heard it before while playing Dance Dance Revolution as a child. But then I kept listening and really enjoyed her airy, dreamy voice with poppy tunes that play in the background. She has a voice very similar to Lykke Li, who she’s opened up for. But now it’s her turn to open up for Queen Lana.

Lana is such a great performer to see live. Although early in her career she got shit on for her performance on Saturday Night Live, she gets really into the music. She sings, often crying at the emotional songs, and especially when her fans give her love. She also loves to dance on stage, but not in your normal rock star or hip-hop style. She feels the music and grooves to it, dancing naturally, swaying and spinning. She loves her fans and frequently interacts with them while she’s on stage, which makes her performances feel really personal.

Lana’s new album, Honeymoon, is expected to come out this August. According to Lana, the album is going to be more like her first two albums, Born to Die and Paradise and less like her third album, Ultraviolence, which I am super pumped about. Ultraviolence was a very sad album where most songs sounded exactly the same, while on Born to Die and Paradise, each song had their own style and consisted of more badass lyrics. These albums were what made me fall in love with Lana because she had n ultra sweet, simple sound, yet was super sexy and edgy too. That’s why I can’t wait to hear what this new album’s going to be like. The song, “I Don’t Want to Go” is rumored to be on her next album (Lana, however, is notorious for releasing songs, independent of any album, or creating random songs that end up getting leaked).

The song “Trouble” is also rumored to be on the album. I’m really into this song because it’s super jazzy, and really unlike anything she’s created before.

In the meantime, while you’re eagerly waiting to either attend her show or order her new album, Lana has some of the best summertime songs to listen to. Check out “National Anthem” or “Ride” to prep yourself for some serious day drinking and poolside relaxation.

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