Gilmore Girls is Back and They Owe Us Some Answers

Screen-Shot-2015-10-30-at-11.06.11-AM.png Gilmore Girls burst onto our television screens in 2000, instantly capturing our hearts with fast-paced, witty lines and a touching mother-daughter dynamic. Well, fans everywhere, this might be the best news you’ve heard all day—the Gilmores are coming back to Netflix. That’s right– the show is allegedly getting a limited-episode revival headed by the original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, and executive producer, Daniel Palladino. For those who were a tad disappointed by the series finale, this is beyond fantastic news.

We were with Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory through endless relationship and life drama. So when the series ended in 2007, fans hoped that they would see the loose ends tied, and have their questions answered... but instead, the makers of the show chose to make the ending quite vague.

In honor of the show's revival, here is a list of plots that they owe us some sort of closure for:

  1. Lorelai and Luke’s Relationship

This is the most frustrating storyline of the entire show, no questions asked. It was painfully obvious from the first episode that there was sexual tension between these two. Lorelai’s habit for Luke’s Diner coffee to start her mornings created a sweet friendship between the two characters, which the audience waited patiently to blossom into something more. After Luke watched Lorelai get back together with Christopher (way too many times) and date an array of randoms that never really survived more than five episodes, he finally got his chance after a couple of long seasons.

All the fans at this point just wanted to shake Lorelai and yell, “He’s been there the whole time! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” But, the writers don't believe in drama-free happiness, so fans had to suffer through not one, but two breakups between the characters before they finally (sort of) reconciled during the finale. This relationship better stay in tact for the revival, because I don't think my heart could take anything else.

  1. Rory and... ?

Personally, I was pleased when Rory ended the show alone. She seemed to always be in relationships that would stress her out and get in the way of her dreams. With that said, there are rumors that the show’s revival will be a jump into the future and Rory will have a romantic partner (possibly one we’ve seen before). If so, here’s the breakdown of Rory’s previous boyfriends, in ascending order of who we'd like to see her date most.

Dean: The High School Sweetheart

When Dean first came on the show, he was a fan favorite for his love and devotion to Rory, despite both of them being so young. Although it was obvious that Rory was destined for bigger and better things, they still seemed to make it work until Jess came into town and complicated things. Dean then got all spiteful and married Lindsay when he was still a teenager, all the while still in love with Rory. These two just couldn't seem to pull it together, and for that reason, I hope that we don’t see him on the revival.

Logan: The Rich College Boy

He combined the best qualities of Dean and Jess… while spoiling Rory with extravagant gifts. Although he was a huge partier and his behavior sometimes got him into trouble, you could tell he really loved Rory and wanted to be with her. He would’ve been my top pick, if he didn't go downhill fast in the final seasons. First, he canceled their trip to Asia so that he could move to London for work, and when that didn’t work out, he came back only to look for jobs on the opposite coast. If both of these things didn’t raise enough skepticism, he then proposed to Rory, and when she said she wasn't ready, he gave her an all-or-nothing ultimatum. That was a major dick move on his part. While he might’ve had a strong start, I don't think I can forgive him for his douchey behavior at the end. Hopefully you've moved on, Rory.

Jess: The Guarded Bad Boy

This leads me to my personal pick for Rory’s future romance, Jess. I know what you’re thinking—really? Jess? The unreliable one? Well, hear me out. He was the smartest of all of Rory’s boyfriends, and she was able to share her passion for reading and writing with him. He could be a huge asshole sometimes, but that was because he had abandonment issues thanks to his deadbeat parents. Despite everything, he loved Rory and always came back to her. He even ended up being successful, with our last glimpse of him being a published author in NYC. He seemed to have his life together and was much more mature than the angsty teen we were accustomed to. For these reasons, we hope it’s you, Jess.

  1. Lorelai and Emily

Even though it was kind of twisted that Emily used money as a way to force her daughter to keep in touch, their Friday night dinners were always one of the funniest scenes of the episodes, with Emily always judging Lorelai’s outfits and Lorelai calling out her mom for her pretentious attitude. The series left with Emily unsure if Lorelai would continue to come to the dinners and trying to convince Lorelai to let her invest in a spa for the inn, clearly as a way to make sure there was a reason to continue seeing her daughter. Hopefully, in the revival, Lorelai and her mom continue to repair their relationship and keep up the banter that we all know and love.

Palladinos, if you’re reading this, take some notes. These are the things that the fans of your show deserve to see if the revival happens, try not to let us down this time.

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