Google Enters the Third Dimension


By Shea Garner

Rumors about new Apple products have been stirring since the announcement of the big global tech conference WWDC. One rumor in particular insinuates that Apple is releasing a new map application for their products; dropping Google’s extremely popular “Maps” app from their native iOS software.

Google seems to have taken this possibility to heart as they have just held a rush press conference introducing their updated features to the Maps app, and they are quite revolutionary.

Their most notable addition to the Maps software is the use of 3D imagery to build realistic terrain and cityscapes. Aside for the extensive physical surveying the company does already; they have developed an intelligent system that uses algorithms to create the shape and color of the buildings. It can even asses if something is shadowed or out of sight.

These additions could certainly make Apple reassess their decision. But with helpful features like directions and Drop Pin, it’s hard to see smart phone users switching at a rather quick pace. The question that is really at hand is where is the future of mapping technology taking us?

Google street view has already invaded your front lawn --no more topless sunbathing-- and even a further push of the 3D mapping technology could have them peaking through your windows. Hell, if this technology is available to the public, imagine what the government has at its disposal.

What do you think about the Google Maps app? Do you like where this technology is headed? Let us know in the comments section below.