Green Day...why?


Photo courtesy of First off, you’re from 1986. It’s 2016. Just understand that no one wants you to be a thing anymore…okay?

Secondly, why do you think that sad, angsty music is good with heavy drums and screaming? Who wants to sit in bed and cry to a whining 40-year-old banging drums terribly with screaming backup vocals? No one.

Don’t get us wrong, “American Idiot” circa 2004 was a masterpiece. We will agree with that. But why do you keep trying to make a comeback? It’s never going to happen. 2016 is all about pop rock, not droning 90’s sad rock. The lyrics on the new album “Revolution Radio” are subpar, but the only thing going for you is your front man’s silk voice. It’s good. It really is. Why do you feel the need to cover it up with screaming and nonsense lyrics that are barely comprehensible? Honestly.

Nothing will ever live up to the hype of their album “American Idiot,” but we must give them props for attempting…

Although this might not have been a successful comeback, there is one song that we agree is equivalent to our past Green Day favs.

“Ordinary World” takes on a completely contrasting sound from the rest of your album by leading with Armstrong’s silky smooth voice and lacking in the album’s other screaming and brooding composure. It is light on the drums, which is extremely out of character for you, what with your usual bashing on the symbols. The delicate finger strumming adds a nice vibe to this single which, we have to say, we actually like compared to your usual stuff.

While we appreciate your attempts at fitting in with the “out crowd” in 2016, your efforts were not completely successful. Maybe just stick to tribute concerts for your amazing 2004 album “American Idiot,” and you’ll be fine.

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