Hair or Bare? The Mane Question Down South


By: Pocahotass

We’ve mastered the art of flirtation, caught the eye of our suitor, landed a date with our prospective hump buddies, and are planning on taking a nice roll in the hay. With everything seemingly handled, only one question remains in the college hook-up world: “What do I do with my pubes?!”

Pubic preference definitely differs depending on who you ask. Each person is different in terms of what they prefer. While some like the raging bush rubbing up against their junk, others prefer a smoother feeling, sort of like a baby’s bottom. Because hair or Nair is a valid question in the college-dating scene, I decided to wet my investigative journalist shoes, and ask some guys and gals around campus about their down-south trimming habits.

“I shave. But, like, it’s not like I’m really after anyone. My boyfriend complains if I don’t do it, and I feel better when I do it. It is a fucking pain though—and I do not touch the armpits.” – Senior, Male

“Yeah, I shave. It’s unsanitary and uncomfortable if you don’t. It’s kind of gross—you’re more likely to be smelly. What if you want to get laid and you have a hairy vagina? Then what?” – Senior, Female

“Shave—it’s a preference for me and other people, but it’s also nice when it gets hot out too you don’t have to deal with all that. I personally wouldn’t like a lot of hair on my partner too though.” - Junior, Male

“I shave because of modeling. I have to be clean, but sometimes it’s not all shaved— it depends on how lazy I am.” - Sophomore, Female

“I man-scape to keep it clean for the ladies. It’s also more comfortable. But I really just do it because I want blow jobs and if it’s not clean, then I won’t get blow jobs. Everyone likes blow jobs.” – Senior, Male

“I shave because it’s cheap and it gets the job done. I mean, occasionally I wax but not full Brazilian—just the sides. It’s clean and a straight line. I mean, would you shave your eyebrows? No. It would look ratchet. But it’s expensive and hurts like hell.” – Sophomore, Female

Whether your anthem is “Welcome to the Jungle” or Mr. Clean is your spirit animal, to shave or not is your own preference. With the students I’ve interviewed about their pubic hair, the final verdict is that shaving is the cheapest and cleanest method. So if you’re reading this and thinking, “I need to shave”—you’re absolutely right. Now go locate the nearest CVS and get that shit handled.