Here's How People Reviewed Marshall Street's Finest Cuisine... Drunk

3.PizzaOnMarshall They say the truth comes out when you're drunk, so we asked intoxicated Syracuse University students to give us their most thoughtful food reviews. Here’s what we found:

“Domechos” aka Nachos at The Carrier Dome

The Domechos, and perhaps a drink or two, sparked some deep thoughts for this Syracuse senior and basketball fan.

They’re great. I literally love dome nachos. It’s not so much the nachos themselves, it’s more like…it’s my last game. I’m depressed about it, so it’s like, ‘Alright it’s my last game, I love Syracuse. If you literally gave me a fucking orange, I’d be like 'Wow I love this orange cause it’s my last game.

There’s a certain sentiment around the nachos. I think, when you’re eating the nachos, you’re like ‘Look at that court, Jim Boeheim signed it. And you’re just like, ‘Wow I’m so connected to the school.’ After a while you’re just like, ‘I really do love this school – I really do love everything about it. I would literally give anything to be at this school. So that’s why I love Syracuse. That’s why I love my Dome Nachos. And that’s it.


Burrito Bowl at Chipotle

According to this Syracuse University student, the “amazing” Chipotle taste is the same regardless of your state of mind.

I love Chipotle because it’s amazing. I think that sober, drunk, whatever – I think it’s just amazing food. I had tickets [to the basketball game], but I didn’t end up going. I wish I did...either way Chipotle would have been in the mix.


Half Cheese-Half Pepperoni Pizza at Acropolis

A simple verdict.

The sauce wasn’t hittin’ it for me.


Wraps/Quesadillas at Kimmel Food Court

A group heading back to the dorms opted for takeout and snacks from the oh-so-reliable Kimmel.

We got Gatorade, and we got like four wraps…I’m in the zone to eat this. It’s not like, great, but it’s available and it’s not just a snack food, it’s warm.”


Salt & Vinegar Pringles at Day Hall

This freshman had a late night revelation about the complexities of Pringles.

“The thing about Pringles is that they’re crunchy. But they’re also the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life because they have a lot of flavor...but they’re simply just a chip.

They can make you look like a duck *offers demonstration* or they can trick you into thinking you’re eating salt and vinegar chips when you’re really just eating Pringles. You know what I mean?”


Cheese pizza at M Street Pizza

Melanie was v excited about these food reviews and wanted to put her two cents in about pizza as well.

“Also I ate Marshall Street Pizza last night at 1 in the morning. Didn’t even taste it. I literally ate it. I put it in my mouth. I got plain on purpose ‘cause I thought buffalo chicken might be too spicy for my taste buds. Either way I probably could have done either ‘cause I couldn’t fucking taste it. Nothing. I just put it into my body and then I finished it. And I looked down, and I was like ‘When did I eat that?’ But it was good. Anything’s good.”