Here's Why Family Weekend Is The Absolute Worst

4. ParentsWeekendSucks

Photo by Adham Elsharkawi

My feelings in regard to family weekend are negative to say the least. Maybe I’d like it more if it was family day or family hour, but dedicating an entire weekend to our families is simply too much.

If your family decides to make the trek up to Syracuse, you’re probably from Westchester, Rochester, “right outside of Boston,” or Jersey. At first, you may be excited to see them, but after approximately 20 minutes of finally being back in their presence, you’re ready for them to leave. College is a place where you go to escape a house full of rules so you can be on your own and actually have some freedom. This can’t happen when Aunt Susie keeps literally pointing out every male on campus and asking why you haven’t found “a nice Jewish boy” yet.

If your parents weren’t here, you were forced into dealing with an event you essentially had nothing to do with. I’m talking social blackout, waiting unnecessarily long wherever on the Chipotle line, and a terrifying amount of human beings on campus.

The weekend is a time to relax, enjoy yourself, and let loose. The usual binge drinking that takes place on campus just doesn’t feel the same with your grandma watching cautiously at the tailgate. Neither does twerking to Fetty Wap, doing a keg stand, or twerking to Fetty while doing a keg stand. I rest my case.

In an effort to avoid the annoying families, maybe you and your friends decided to skip the tailgate and hit up happy hour at DJ’s on the Hill. There’s no way anyone above 20-years-old or older would show their face at DJ’s, right? Wrong. You won’t be able to escape the sweaty freshman, sticky floors, and 90% of the pictures from SUMakeouts, which is when you know shit has gone haywire.

Want to swipe into Ernie for a mediocre meal? Have fun waiting in line for stir-fry behind a family of six. Need to drive to CVS to pick up some shampoo? Good luck finding a parking spot that’s not ridiculously overpriced. Had a little too much fun last night and slept at someone elses place? Everyone and their mom are eyeing those heels you’re carrying. Everyone.

Here’s the takeaway- weekends should be fun and as family free as possible. The school week can be long and classes can be tough, therefore justifying our party tendencies and opposition to social blackout. A family-free weekend is key to maintaining a (relatively) healthy college lifestyle. #SUfamilyfreeweekends, who’s with me?

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