Here's Why You Should Never Feel Dumb When He Ditches Before Sunrise

OktobeOkPhoto by Adham Elsharkawi

It’s 1 a.m. and your pre-hangover thirst has miraculously woke you up for a “glass of water." You reach over, hoping to find your mysterious lover you locked eyes with while sharing a fishbowl at DJ’s, only to discover there’s no one anywhere to be found. What at first is a subtle panic quickly turns into rolling back over and passing the fuck out. When you wake up in the morning you find yourself a tad disappointed. Why did he leave? What did I do wrong?

Skip over the analyzing and take up as much of that beautifully cramped twin bed you have. Let your drool cover your pillow. Because let’s be honest, him ditching at 1 a.m. isn’t the worst thing that could've happened to you.

Let’s just start with your basic health. From a health standpoint, a girl needs her sleep, and so does he. Like did you really want to stay tangled and half pressed against a wall with another person in your bed? Doesn’t sound so comfy, does it? Sleep is a personal thing that we all need. If you shared a bed with him, you know that there’s about a zero percent chance you’ll ever make it through a REM cycle.

This brings me to my next point– every person has his or her own sleep habits. Some of us talk in our sleep, some of us sweat, and some of us snore. Maybe it’s better that you two didn’t share first hand experiences of unconscious personal behavior. So rest up, because while last night may have been fun, you still have to be a somewhat functioning person tomorrow.

Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that he did sleep over. Odds are you would've both woken up, he would've leaned over and said “yea, I’m going to hit up the dining hall with some of my friends” and hoped the statement doesn’t turn into an invitation. Not to mention, now he would have to put back on his beer soaked shirt and somehow make it home in broad daylight without obviously participating in the public walk of shame. Lets be honest... most of the time a good idea when you're drunk is not a good idea when you're sober. When your moonlit choices begin to see the sunrise, a little too much is exposed. A one-night stand is a one-night stand, so why not skip the awkward part?

If you ever find yourself over analyzing why this dude left your bed so early, don’t waste your time. You shouldn’t waste a moment trying to figure out people that don’t need to be figured out. Take a chill pill and realize this was a no big deal kind of encounter.

However, if the tables are turned and you’re faced with the famous question The Clash raised in 1981 (should I stay or should I go), make the choice that’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to be selfish. If you need your sleep, you need your sleep. If you’re not planning on walking home in broad daylight wearing stilettos, then feel free to leave in the cover of night. Leaving early isn’t a douchey thing to do, it’s a personal decision. Things are either going to be awkward or they're going to be chill when you see each other in accounting class the next day, so you might as well accept your fate.

Don’t freak out about him leaving at 1 a.m. because in the end, it is what it is. Keep your head up. After all, you did get an extra six or so hours of interrupted sleep, right?