The Inside Scoop On Marshall Street's Most Questionable Changes


Photo by Adham Elsharkawi

“Where should we eat” is officially an even harder question to answer.

Walking down Marshall Street for the first time this semester probably left you wondering what the hell happened this summer. With the disappearance of Sliders, the addition of two new restaurants, and drastic changes to Café Kubal, deciding where to eat is even more difficult than it already was. But fear not—Jerk is here to provide the "tasty" details of all the "improvements."

Where the F is Sliders?

The legendary burger and Belgian fries joint is missing in action. The sign above the door is gone, paper covers the storefront’s windows, and the website and phone number are disconnected. The long-term status of the restaurant remains unclear, but the closing is feared to be permanent. Currently the building is empty, so at the very least we can hope for a comparable replacement. But for now, so long, perfect, calorie-packed grilled cheeses. You will be sorely missed.

What is this Asian-Mexican Fusion madness?

We know, it sounds like a joke. But apparently Avoca, Marshall Street’s new restaurant is exactly that. The menu features an Asian food section and a Mexican food section. While one may question how in the world Asian and Mexican foods are even remotely similar, at least you’ll never have to worry about choosing between Chipotle and Blue Monkey ever again. Yes, the food sort of looks like it’s been sitting out all day, but apparently it’s good enough— I mean, what more could you expect from Mexicasian cuisine? At least you can finally get a burrito bowl for half the price and a fraction of the wait.

What is "M Street Pizza" and why does it exist?

Sincerest apologies to the people who actually went to Crepe & Gelato Blvd. before it closed last November, but the new M Street Pizza has officially taken its place on Marshall Street. You may be wondering how this place is any different from grandfathered-in Varsity and Acropolis, but M Street’s pizza is much thinner than its competitors. M Street is all about pizza—literally, it’s the only thing on the menu… which I suppose you could argue is great if you suffer from ordering anxiety, but not so great if you like to keep your options open. Stay tuned to see how long this place lasts.

Who is responsible for the death of Café Kubal’s panini’s?

“Is this a fucking joke,” has been a typical reaction to the sad case of Café Kubal’s disappearing panini maker. While Jimmy John’s, Roly Poly, and Pita Pit offer decent sandwich options on Marshall Street, Kubal allures customers with their inviting atmosphere and arguably the highest quality food. Though they still offer their well-known sandwiches, wraps, salads, and baked goods, customers no longer have the option to grill their sandwiches and wraps. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, sandwiches, or a new breed of food altogether (lookin’ at you, Avoca), Marshall Street will never fail to satisfy your hunger. And instead of lamenting the loss of Sliders and Café Kubal’s panini maker, welcome the challenge of discovering your new favorite meal on Marshall.

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