Hidden Health Benefits of Sex




By: Pocahotass

As college students, we are good at fucking with our bodies. We treat vodka as water, smoke cigarettes until our lungs are black, and sleep--what is that again? It seems that with all we do to have fun, we can’t seem to catch a break. Luckily, according to recent studies, there is one fun act in which we score—literally. The act is sex. That’s right, your random hook-up from the bar actually has benefits beyond the satisfaction you get from bragging to your frat bros that you banged that one chick. Recent studies show that sex (and masturbation!) benefits our immune system, blood pressure, and stress level—and even eases pain.

According to research conducted at Wilkes University, students who have sex regularly have higher levels of immunoglobulin, an antibody found in the immune system, which helps fight diseases, the common cold, and flu.

For everyone out there worrying about school, bills, or work--fear no more! Sex and masturbation is proven to relieve stress and ease pain. The surge of hormones and endorphins released after climaxing is similar to the effects of morphine. Essentially, we can become confident and happy from getting off. Although this drunken hook-up may give you a headache the next morning, feel free to go at it again! After all, sex relieves pain. Goodbye Tylenol.

Speaking of hormones, they do more than just serve as an excuse as to why you just had a mental breakdown over ordering the wrong flavor of wings. Hormones like estrogen and testosterone, which are naturally produced by our bodies, are released in higher quantities during sex and masturbation. These two hormones have been proven to give a certain glow. Estrogen itself has been shown to promote softer skin, shiny hair, and a younger look. According to a study conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, in order to reap these benefits you will need to rub one out at least four times a week.

As you now know, sex has many benefits besides getting to see someone naked. There are plenty of medical benefits that we ignore while having sex. Don’t believe me? Guess that means you just gotta go try it.