High-Waisted and PWR BTTM at Syracuse University

Photo courtesy of Instagram.com/PWRBTTMband Let’s first set the scene: Punk rock people you envy the hell out of, gender neutral bathrooms, ring pops, twinkling lights, and two men dressed in full cross dressing garb. Dresses, purses, and all. A beautiful scene. A wonderful time. This was what you would have experienced if you attended the WERW launch party featuring High Waisted and PWR BTTM.

As soon as High Waisted, the opening act for PWR BTTM, got on stage and started tuning their instruments, it felt like the entire room was transported back to a simpler time of daisies and lava lamps. Jessica Louise Dye, High Waisted’s front woman, walked out on stage in a crop top with matching cobalt blue pants made complete with glitter stitched ♀ and fringe galore. Their 50’s vintage beach boy vibe created an amazing environment with head bopping, swaying and all. By the fourth song, the vibe took a 360 and gave off the feel of a mellow wood paneled basement. Jessica Dye stated, “Let’s get a lil` sad” and the song that followed could be perfectly described as mellow stoner music. By the end of their set, balloons were being tossed between the band and the audience, and PWR BTTM was ready to perform.

One word comes to mind when PWR BTTM took stage: rad. These beautiful creatures opened up by stating, “Our shows are sacred space shows,” meaning that they did not want any judgment for their completely odd and entertaining-as-fuck dancing. Ben and Liv could entertain a crowd by just standing there and looking pretty, but luckily these stunningly queer men are also delectably talented. The two men stepped on stage with smeared lipstick, floral jumpsuits and lace-lined socks, accessorized with a complete jar of glitter thrown on their faces that looked amazing regardless of its disorderly fashion. The band announced that they were performing a few new songs that they had never performed live and that they were going to be a mess, but no one seemed to care. The men knew how to keep a crowd comfortable and make everyone feel individually accepted, and they did so while also keeping a fun-quirky persona.

This concert could be wrapped up by adding that it was headache-inducing, beautiful noise. The crowd added to the intimate setting and both bands talked so casually and candidly with everyone. It was a flashy and brilliant time.