What Students Think About the Clowns on SU Campus


circus-993642_960_720 Creepy clowns are (apparently) roaming Syracuse University’s campus. Yes, you heard me correctly and no, this isn’t a nightmare, so stop pinching yourself. These clowns have been spotted all over the country, and recently, the greater Syracuse area has become their new stomping ground.

This week, the campus has been buzzing with talk of the creepy clowns and clown sightings.

Here is what some of your fellow classmates have to say on the matter:

“My first thought was I kinda hoped I’d encounter a clown, I have some built up anger I would like to get out.” – Natasha, ‘17


“My neighbors are usually quiet, but now they keep doing fake clown laughs.” – Dara, ‘17


“I live on Sumner. I saw a clown walking down the street by himself with face paint on and wearing the clown hair. It was the laziest clown I've ever seen.” – Margot, ‘17


“Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious? I can't even be scared or take it seriously whatsoever because the phrase "clown epidemic" kills me every time.” – Alex, ‘18


“These clowns are all over the country. It’s an epidemic.” – Caitlin, ‘17


“If I saw a clown, I’d break out into song and dance to, "Whataya Want From Me" by Adam Lambert.” – Liz, ‘17


“I literally slept with a bread knife by my bed for protection…so like I don’t know bout y'all, but I ain't goin down from some pasty faced Bozo ass bitch.” – Lauren, ‘18


“My friend was actually chased down Stratford by three clowns. I'm scared of clowns that make balloon animals, so the fact that there are clowns chasing people down the street—I'm terrified.” – Abbey, ‘17


“I will never trust a clown. No more kids parties, no more balloon animals, no more Ronald McDonald.” – Kristen, ‘18


“It reminds me of the Hash Slinging Slasher from SpongeBob.” – Chad ‘18


“I think it's cute that a bunch of freshmen got together carrying lacrosse sticks (I think one had a broom) to hunt them. But when me and my roomie yelled from a window that there was one behind them, half of them started to run away.” – Abbey, ‘17


“I went ‘clown hunting’ for an hour and a half, didn’t see one. I was really disappointed, I wanted to see one in action.” – Amy, ‘18


“The people who are dressing up and pretending to be clowns are mocking are disrespecting someone’s livelihood. C’mon, clowns have an uphill battle with their career already.” – Ben, ‘17


“I keep wondering where all the people get the clown masks from? Do they just have them? Did Amazon have a mass influx in scary clown mask orders? Did they buy them at a store? What did the cashier think? They don't just appear out of thin air people. We need to be asking the real questions.” – Carly, ‘17


“I think it's [frat] pledges.” – Lauren, ‘17


Some people find this whole situation stupid, some are terrified, and others don’t give a shit. But at the end of the day everyone is looking over their shoulder on their way home at night to make sure a creepy clown isn’t lurking behind them. No matter how genuinely unafraid you are of Twisty the Clown, try taking the safe, generously lit route home this week.