How to Beat a Player at Their Own Game


By Bria Holness

Spring break is when the players come out to play. And it’s no surprise. College students are prone to engage in risky behavior over spring break: hot weather, bathing suits, beaches, alcohol, clubs, parties, and (one of the biggest things) sex. Basically, this behavior has become the norm for college students, developed through movies, TV shows, Girl Gone Wild DVDs, and a variety of other media sources. With all of this, a perception of sexual norms has been created, one where the norms are more lenient on spring break than they are at home or even in a college environment. All in all, this creates a free-for-all where everyone flashes their goodies, hops out of their clothes, and throws themselves at each other for seven days and six nights, only to act like it never happened when it’s the end of the week.

According to Casual Sex on Spring Break: Intentions and Behaviors of Canadian Students, research found that those with a larger number of past sexual partners and erotic cues tend to be more likely to engage in casual sex. The conditions of spring break combine with the prior sexual experiences to increase the likelihood of these risqué behaviors by providing the opportunity to fulfill them in a free setting. Also, a person makes decisions about causal sex based on the norms, thoughts, and beliefs of their peer group. If the person’s group of friends is consistently encouraging and even pressuring someone into being free and engaging casual sex “because this is the only chance you’ll get,” the more likely a person will do so.

With this in mind, spring break is a time associated with a lot of sex, so if you choose to leave somewhere with someone to go to a more “quiet” place, know that you are giving the impression that you are going to have sex with him or her. Be safe and be smart about where this is going to down. Your room is probably the best bet because it’s your territory. Please do make sure that your friends are not going to walk in on you, however; that’s just embarrassing. If you do decide to go back to his or her place, find out where it is first so that you’re aware of your location. Make sure your cell phone is handy just in case you need to call your friends or your friends need contact you.

If a person has the expectation that they will engage in causal sex on spring break, the more likely they will do so. Given the conditions of the spring break setting, a person will go and seek it out and the truth is, it won’t be that hard to find. But do not have sex with the townies of the area you are staying in. More than likely, these guys wait around for spring break every year to try to have sex with the college girls from in and out of town. These guys are not worth the hassle; find someone who’s in the same boat as you are—a crazy college student on break

This is an obvious but I’ll just throw it out there. No sharing of personal information with people on spring break. They do not need to know things such as your hometown, your social security (that’s a given), or your cell phone number. If this is simply spring break sex, keep it at that and remember you are there only to have fun.