How to Fashionably Bring Your Bed to Class


Design by Jena Salvatore This week was the first time this year that we hit a groundbreaking temperature of fucking freezing. We’re talking about the type of wind that bitch slaps you so hard your eyes water and your expensive mascara starts to run. I found myself walking to Newhouse, subtly clicking my heels, and repeating a mantra to myself: “There’s no place like bed, there’s no place like bed.” Winter is quickly approaching and there is no place I’d rather be than snuggled between my jersey cotton sheets with a fluffy blanket, some Netflix, and of course my wonderful pajamas. But alas,I have class. which leaves me to question: how can the comfort of my bed accompany me throughout my day?

dressconnellnightHave a Whitman presentation or career day but don’t feel like getting in your power suit? Go for a chic nightgown that you can dress up with booties and a cool bag. Besides, classic black lady suits are so passé.








Winter is all about the layers, so why wear a clunky blazer when you can grab your bathrobe? Fool everyone with this post shower garment by turning it into a patterned wrap coat.





Bring color to your dreary winter look with a polka-dot wrap nightshirt. This artist-designed PJ top is sure to trick even the toughest fashion critiques. And who doesn’t like some rainbow dots here and there?







Nightgowns aren’t just for your granny anymore. Drop the curlers, wash off the face mask and wear this to your next class. This button-up gingham print tunic looks like it could’ve walked off the Paris Fashion Week Runway. Comfy is the new chic, correct?





Shine, bitch, shine. Whoever thought that pajamas had to be ratty pieces of your ex boyfriend’s gym shirt was way wrong. Take the sequin route and style up this fantastic sparkly set.







Ponchos are back and better than ever. If this 2008 style had to be recreated in one way, I for one am certainly glad it is in the form of pajama. This clothing item is practically a chic snuggie.






Believe it or not, this is a pajama top. This could pass for a classy white blouse any day you pair it with jeans, slacks, or a skirt. It’s time to really start putting the “casual” in “business casual”.






Number one winter must-do: Cover your skin. Don’t freak, you can do this without becoming a nun. Try this ankle length cashmere nightdress with a pair of boots.







Go full Kimmy K and style some cheetah print PJ’s in with your daily wardrobe. Use the top as a statement piece over a white long sleeve or the pants as show stoppers with a cute (but thick) bomber coat on top. If you’ve got a pair of Yeezy’s to throw in there, now is the time.





Are you more comfort than style? Take some inspiration from the Michelin man and buy this wearable sleeping bag. No more chairs to nap on in Bird or Schine? Take a table or the floor and sprawl out in your bed built for one.

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