Things to Do Instead of Paying Attention in Class


Photo by Chaz Delgado The fantasy has come to an end. You know the one I am talking about, the one where your GPA for this semester is a 4.0, while you go out 5 nights a week, and always hang out with your friends. After a long and exhausting effort to balance all three of these tasks you decide to give up on the one thing that is truly holding you back… trying to get that 4.0 GPA. You throw your textbooks out the window and the words “Bird Library” are now foreign to you.

Although, you are not going to put the effort into studying anymore, you still go to class because of the attendance points (just because you’re not getting a 4.0 doesn’t mean you don’t care!). Sitting in class with absolutely no intention of retaining any of the information that your professor is droning on and on about can be boring, so it is important to find away to entertain yourself.

Everyone is different. Each person’s go-to ways of entertainment vary. But, these are some of the best ways to entertain yourself when you are losing hope that this hour and twenty-minute class is never going to end.


Hold your breath:

Time yourself and see how long you can hold your breath. Yes, it sounds stupid and it kind of is, but it is super entertaining. Just don’t hold your breath for too long and pass out. That would cause a scene.

Pretend to go to the bathroom:

Leave the class room like you’re going to the bathroom. Walk around, get a snack, check your insta-feed, do whatever, but the key is not to go back into your classroom for 10-15 minutes to miss a chunk of the lecture. If the professor asks why you were gone for so long, say explosive diarrhea, and there will be no more questions asked.

Plan out your day:

It is important to stay organized, especially with all of the different things you have going on throughout the day. Plan out your day.

It should look something like this:

12:30-1:00 Lunch

1:30- 4:00 Nap

4:00-5:00 Netflix

5:00-6:00 Dinner

8:00-TBD Drinking

Screen Sharing:

Of course you don’t have your computer out because #education, and also the professor called you out last week for streaming during the class, so you have to settle for second best which is watching what one of your classmates is doing on their computer in front of you. Nine times out of ten they are usually Facebook stalking someone or online shopping. Either way they both are almost as entertaining to watch as they are to do.

Cough/ Sneeze Challenge:

The idea of this game is to cough or sneeze every minute during the class period without any of your peers or professor to noticing or getting annoyed.


When in doubt, doodle. The teacher will think you’re taking notes, when really you are practicing your autograph for when you’re famous, it is a win-win for everyone.

Whatever your method of entertainment is to keep you busy during class, I wish for you short lectures and little homework so you can focus on the important things in life, like Netflix and going out.