How to Keep The Fire Going With Your SU Fling During Christmas Break Finals are in full swing. You’re realizing that you should probably just move into Club Bird because that’s where you're going to spend the majority of your time. It's become clear that the several hours you spent thinking about the boy in your econ class should have been spent listening to your professor lecture.

You’re kind of like Cady Heron magically forgetting how to do calculus, but econ is your major and now you’re questioning all of your life choices. You dream of the times when you once had the ability to focus on things other than school like Buzzfeed quizzes, costumes for parties, and Syracuse boys. Then after finals are finished beating your soul to the ground, you have to go home.

Don’t get me wrong, being home for the holidays is an absolute blast. Yet, there’s something about parties with your high school homies that leaves everyone feeling unsatisfied. Warm Natty Light is best suited in a house party with flashing lights, random costumes, and drunk texts with cute econ boy. Warm Natty Light is not suited for gatherings with oh-shit-my-prom-date-is-here-guess-I-have-to-go-talk-to-him moments.

So how do we push aside former-fling-prom-dates that won’t stop talking about his “dope frat that he just joined.” The answer is you say "hi." Be cordial, and then walk away. You might leave the conversation feeling awkward and you’ll probably start thinking about your plethora of college baes, but mostly cute econ boy. How can we let cute econ boy know we’re still thinking about him from miles and miles away? How can we protect him from his “I feel so bad that I broke up with you” ex-girlfriend?

The answer is simple: let him know you're thinking about him. The idea that guys have to text first is so outdated. Chances are he’s probably thinking about you too (or stalking your Facebook). Send him a Merry Christmas text even though you know he’s Jewish. Who cares? It’s the thought that counts. You don’t have to give him a play-by-play of what you’re doing every second of break but it’s nice to check in once and a while.

Soon enough, you’re ready to go back to school. You’re prepared to finally start paying attention in class, because he isn’t in any of your classes. With your strong texting game, you’ve got your bae on lock for cuffing season. Boom. Great grades. Bae. It was just that easy.

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