How To Like How You Look Naked… With The Lights On


Design by Jena Salvatore First things first:

When it comes to loving yourself, it's something that can't be achieved from the validation of others.

Yeah, we all want people to accept our bodies for what they are. Who doesn't want to cause someone to drool excessively at the sight of your defined (or not so defined) obliques? However, it's important to find an inner peace with yourself and the way you look.

I think that the process to self-love starts with not acknowledging that you don't look like David Beckman. Instead, what you should do is realize that judging yourself to unrealistic standards doesn’t help anyone. Comparing yourself to other guys out there does absolutely nothing for the self-esteem. Maybe you aren't tall with a 12-inch package, but that's not really something you can help. And who even decided that is the ideal standard of sexiness for men!? Everyone is sexy. Anyone that is comfortable in his own skin is even sexier.

It’s all about rocking what your mama gave ya. Seriously, call your mom. For one thing she’s happy to hear your voice and for another, there is nothing in the world that your mom would love to do more than to gush about how handsome her baby boy is. However, when it comes to loving your naked body, maybe don’t bring mom along for the ride.

You could always go vegan or vegetarian or just decide to eat junk food exclusively on Sunday nights. Ranch dressing and red meat are two of my favorite things but eating it every day might make you feel crappy, and feeling crappy on the inside makes you feel crappy on the outside too. I believe that life is too short for me to not indulge with Shake Shack, but limiting my milkshake/curly fries intake has helped me a lot in feeling better about myself. Plus nobody looks good bloated.

A really great way to become comfortable with your body, is to spend some quality time with it. That could come in the form of a nice hot soak in the bath to pamper your skin or--even simpler-- spend 5 minutes naked. The more time you spend being naked, the more you get used to how you look naked too. Look at yourself in the mirror. Really look. Find something you like about yourself like that cool birthmark on your left butt cheek or your insanely muscular calves. When you find something about yourself you like, it will be easier to accept the things about yourself that maybe society hasn't been too kind to in the past, like your soft un-toned belly or your jiggly skin.

Just whip it out. Preferably, not in public (don’t forget about consent) but just take an afternoon to yourself to hang around with everything hanging out. Eat naked. Watch BoJack Horseman naked. Sleep naked. Embrace that nude lifestyle, but maybe for like only an hour or two if you live with roommates.

You are an Adonis, I promise you. So please get naked and learn to love it. You don’t look as bad as you think you do. Trust me.