Fetty Wap: A Series of Unfortunate Events


Design by Jena Salvatore As if being down an eye wasn’t enough, Fetty Wap, the rapper who unnecessarily popularized the number 1738, has found himself starring in his own Lemony Snicket story in recent months. Good news to the Syracuse campus after he became Public Enemy Number One in the Juice Jam No Show of 2016.

Let’s break down the series of Fetty’s unfortunate events in a timeline, so we can enjoy his recent misery.


A baby actually came his way

Nothing says happy new year like a healthy dose of baby mama drama. In January, “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha slapped Fetty Wap with a paternity lawsuit. The two shared a very brief relationship in 2015, and at seven-to-eight months along in her pregnancy, Kalysha insisted that Fetty is the father of her child and that she needed financial support. The two had at it viciously over Twitter, until the paternity test came back positive to confirm that Khari Barbie Maxwell is, in fact, a Remy Girl.


“Trap Queen” trapped in a copyright suit

According to an angry Danish producer, the instrumentals of Trap Queen aren’t Fetty’s. Lazar Lakic is suing him over the mega-hit, claiming that the beat is exclusively owned by Lakic, who has not received any compensation for the song’s success. Not only does he want the song’s profits, but he wants all copies of “Trap Queen” destroyed and all sales of the track ceased, which is more than a little aggressive. Either way, looks like Fetty’s lawyer will be keeping busy.


Potential Chainsmokers beef

Anyone who listened to The Chainsmokers summer hit “Closer” on repeat may have picked up on the fact that it sounds awfully similar to Fetty’s “679.” The one difference seems to be that Fetty’s song is in D major and The Chainsmokers is in A-flat major. So far, no legal action has been taken, and neither artist has mentioned the allegation, but I wouldn’t expect that to be the case for much longer. Check out a video comparing the tracks here.


Violent ties

Justin Pope, also known as rapper P-dice, was arrested in April for the attempted murder of a 7-year-old boy in Paterson. A former member of Remy Boyz crew, this certainly didn’t look good for Fetty Wap, who stands as the group’s front man. Pope was even seen in a video for Fetty Wap's "679" song. He pleaded not guilty before a judge and was freed in August after posting $250,000 bail. (And rolling out of jail in a Royce!)


Flakey Fetty = flaking fans

One thing Fetty could do to turn his luck around is, maybe, show up to his scheduled concerts. Fetty has failed to make it to several college shows recently, most notably Syracuse University’s Juice Jam festival late September. This outraged students, many of whom make up Fetty’s fan base. They took to Instagram and Twitter to roast the no-show mercilessly and demand refunds for the 9,000 tickets sold. Let this be a warning to all musicians: don’t piss off college kids.


2016 just isn’t shaping up to be Fetty Wap’s year. The events above are topped off with Grammy nomination snubs and a failed Calvin Klein campaign, but it’s hard to believe that things could get worse for the rapper. One man can only have so much bad karma, right?