How To Not Look Like a Shit Show For Class

Photo by Adham Elsharkawy It’s 10:45 am.

You’re blissfully snuggled under your fluffy down comforter. The birds are chirping, the sunlight is gently filtering through your window, and it seems your hangover decided to take the day off #blessed.

Then disaster strikes.

The alarm goes off--for the fifth time this morning. Oops. You pry one sleepy eye open.

And suddenly remember you have an 11 a.m.

In the middle of frantically trying to find some clean sweatpants and not to throw up–check yourself before you wreck yourself.

No, seriously, just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you have to look like it. In under five minutes, you can still look calm, cool, and collected (even if you feel frantic, lukewarm, and disorganized).

Here are 7 quick tips, brought to you by an expert in the field, for how to not look like a total shit show for class.

  1. Ditch the sweatpants, grab the leggings.

I know they’re fuzzy. I know they’re warm. But in the words of Ryan Gosling memes everywhere: “Hey girl, you deserve better.” Leggings are a much more streamlined look and just as comfortable. If you really want to throw comfort to the wind, put some actual pants on (but let’s be real, I haven’t worn real pants since last week).

  1. Curl up in an oversized sweater.

Oversized sweaters are truly God’s gift to the universe. They’re long enough to cover the top of your leggings (and make them pass for pants), and they’re just so damn cozy. Plus, if you have one that slides off the shoulder a bit, they can also be ~flirty~.

  1. Own that ponytail, work that updo.

This is more of a personal preference, but the high ponytail hasn’t failed me yet. Brush out all of your knots and sweep your hair up into a chic, easy ponytail with the base right before the top of your skull. It always looks polished, and it quite literally takes .5 seconds. Pro tip: add in some dry shampoo and you basically showered.

  1. Fill in your eyebrows.

Unless you’re naturally blessed with flawless brows like Cara Delevingne (aka goals), blending in your eyebrows a bit never hurts. Having fuller, darker brows helps to define your face, and even if you choose to opt out of all other makeup, it still gives your complexion a nice pop.

  1. Swipe on some mascara.

As someone who used to do the whole eye shadow, eyeliner, and highlighter shabang on the daily, let me tell you– a few coats of mascara can work just as nicely. I used to panic over my full-fledged morning makeup routine (and the number of times I woke up too late to do it). Now, with just mascara on my repertoire, I’ve taken a whole lot of stress out of my day. Mascara opens up your eyes, adds some contrast, and gives your face the spark it needs to look awake and engaged (or at least not hungover).

  1. ~Accessorize~

If you still have a minute to spare after the other steps, don’t be afraid to add some flair. A nice pendant necklace and watch will complement your slouchy sweater perfectly. To top it off, replace your ratchet Uggs with some cute booties or knee-highs. Pick your favorites and rock on. Wear what you love with confidence, and you’ll definitely start the day feeling great.

  1. Don’t be hangry.

If you really want to avoid being a hot mess, grab some breakfast and a drink before you leave. This will make you feel so much better. Dressing for success can only take you so far. If you’re hungry and dehydrated, I guarantee you will feel like shit, and no oversized sweater or bold brows can save you then. Even if it’s just a granola bar (preferably with some protein) and a bottle of water or cup of tea, any breakfast is better than no breakfast. Your stomach and your classmates will thank you, because #hangry can be scary.

To all my late sleepers, I salute you. Keep on hitting that snooze button, and remember this: it only takes a few minutes to start the day looking great.