If Buildings Could Talk...


In the spirit of October, we’ve personified your favorite buildings into outfits. So channel your inner Ernie Davis aesthetic and blend in with the weirdest architecture on campus. Newhouse 3 | Graphic -

NewhouseNewhouse 3 is slick, modern, and like the students inside it, outspoken. Across the building you can spot the aggressively large second amendment #MuricanPride. This building screams confidence and self-expression. Don’t be afraid to wear what you believe on your sleeve. Newhouse 3 is like that girl you meet at the bar when you’re on the prowl for a rebound, drunkenly telling you that all you have to do is be yourself. Express yourself, bitch, and get graphic!

Hendricks Chapel | Ivy -

hendricks-2HendricksCling to these outfit options like ivy on a building. Blend in with one of Syracuse’s most beautiful buildings in these earthly tones. This building is all about being at peace with yourself and the world around you. If you’re a Hendrick’s, you just go with the flow and appreciate the world around. Close to a hippy, but classier, so we’ll go with “aesthetically pleasing.” An Instagram hippy at best.


Hall of Languages | Structured -

Hall of LanguagesClassy and elegant, the Hall of Languages rests as one of the main focal points on the ‘Cuse campus. Put together without being an uptight little bitch, this tour staple is full of pristine elegance. Also, the fact that this is HOL means it’s totally cultured and well travelled. Structured doesn’t have to be stiff and boring, the perfect peplum can make you look like you just stepped out of Paris—or your introductory French class.

Crouse College | Harry Potter -

CrouseThis is the Wingardium Leviosa to your Syracuse apparel, because if you spend any time in Crouse College you probably feel like you’re living in the world of Harry Potter – so you might as well look the part. Everyone knows that this building is identical to the infamous Hogwarts (and is probably the reason you chose Syracuse). Not down for the basic Quiditch apparel? Go outside-the-box with a Potter-themed dress or minimalistic tee.

The Dome | Space -

carrier-domeDomeAlthough the Dome hosts sports events, the outside of it resembles more of a bubble. So we at Jerk feel like this building would be more into the puffy style clothing than tight athletic sports gear. I mean, it’s round and plump. Also, let’s factor in that most of us watching the games in the Dome are probably more like me who’s exercise includes…well, typing this article. Look out of this world in space grey, ill fitting, baggy, non-athletic gear – I couldn’t think of anything more appealing.

Ernie Davis | Shear -

ernieEveryone knows Ernie is one of the most gorgeous residence halls on campus, but for some, it is a little too open. We say, embrace those windows and take on the Ernie style with some clear, sheer, and fierce clothes. Fuck anyone who says you need to be a stick to dress in see-through clothes, because there are no rules when it comes to the way you live, and that’s exactly how people live their lives in this building..


Carnegie | Renaissance -

carnegieCarnegie may look old and stiff from the outside, but who said renaissance can’t be modernized? Like the ever-changing bookstore layout, Carnegie is catching up with modern times (It has mac labs now…yes?). Take on an aggressively old look by mixing the colors and styles of the renaissance period with the clothing styles of today!




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Photos by Chaz Delgado | Design by Jena Salvatore

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