It's Called Homies



By: Kari Monk

Who says radio is a thing of the past? As college students, we seem to think that our daily fix of news and entertainment should come from Elite Daily, BuzzFeed, or even music updates from the Discover tab on Spotify. Well here’s a thought—stop reading “25 Ways to Eat Cupcakes for Every Meal,” and tune into “It's Called Homies,” a college radio show brought to you by the talented Andrew Spalter and Sam Melnick. Every Tuesday night on WERW, these guys show up to the studio ready to answer questions, take requests, fuck around with their homies, and play their picks of the week. While this seems like any other college radio show, I gotta tell you—it's a whole lot better.

I personally know Andrew and Sam—or as Andrew likes to call him, DJ Sammy Melnick. Individually, they are quick-witted and creative. But together, they make for an even better team. As I got into conversation about their radio show, Andrew explained that he started the show last semester because he had the "face" for radio. Once Andrew was given this bit of advice, he ran with it, as he would with any other vision of his.

Spalter started the show on his own last semester, creating a small fan base of family and friends. Bent on expanding his audience and opportunities, he knew his co-host had to be none other than Sam Melnick, a broadcast major in Newhouse. As a pair, the guys have given the show a unique spin with themed weeks, variety shows, and nights where they stick to just one genre. These music connoisseurs have plenty of SU student listeners, and are also heard worldwide. They crack jokes that their usual callers and fans are parents and grandparents—ironic considering they refer to their listeners as "homies." I can't image answering a call from my 50-something-year-old mother and referring to her as a homie—but oddly enough, it works!

As my trailblazer picks of the week, I knew they wouldn't let me down. I was awed to find out that they are teamed up with Redbull Records, Spotify, and Cornerstone Agency. Andrew had no hesitation in jumping to work with these top guns. He knew he had to say yes to any and all of the assets he could get ahold of.

Their taste in music is similar to each other's, but they play just about every genre out there. Just because a particular week is geared more toward a bluegrass theme, or a hip-hop one, doesn't mean your music preferences won't be aired eventually. These guys know exactly how to please their fans—if you know what I mean.

So if you're alone on a Tuesday night with a GrubHub order on the way hoping to make your study session more tolerable, tune into “It's Called Homies” and be a part of their crew. With all of the musical and academic success these guys have had, how could you not want to brag to your future co-workers that you spent every Tuesday night in with the Andrew and Sam?!