Janelle Monáe Is Making Us Feel Some Type of Way


Janelle Monáe is back and better than ever with her new bomb ass song “Make Me Feel,” the first single from her upcoming album, “Dirty Computer.” Not only is “Make Me Feel” the ultimate getting ready for a night out song, but it’s also an anthem for individuality and sexuality. 

Accompanying the soulful single is a music video just as impressive as Monáes voice. The colorful and eclectic video features two Monáes: one, overwhelmed Monáe curiously enters a neon, purple-tinted club headed by the queen-like by the other suave and confident Monáe. While the singer is simultaneously flirting with actress Tessa Thompson and a leather-clad mysterious man, club goers dressed in leotards and 80’s styled accessories dance to fun and erotic choreography, celebrating their sensuality.  

“Make Me Feel” also pays a generous tribute to the late artist, Prince, and Monáe is the one of the most deserving artists to perform such a tribute. Before his death, the two collaborated on “Dirty Computer,” and he even wrote the synth line to the new single. The music video even draws similarities to the 1986 music video for Prince’s “Kiss,” with its warm hues and alluring dance moves.  

Throughout her career, Monáe has been a loyal mentee of Prince and has consequently maintained an energy that he once exhibited. The two both exude an air of unapologetic realness. Prince was known for his gender fluidity – the guy knew how to rock a pair of heels – and his non-binary sexuality. Monáe, too, has rejected conformity, most significantly with her signature tuxedo style. The two share a comfortable with who they are in their own skin. 

Monáe isn’t afraid to be different, and it truly shows with “Make Me Feel.” If the single is any indication of how “Dirty Computer” will be, we can expect a fun and phenomenal new album.