Lil Dicky Balls Out On A Budget


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Photo Courtesy of Lil Dicky

When you’re in the rap industry, you're basically required to earn as much money as possible and proceed to blow through it all ASAP. On the contrary, rapper Lil Dicky doesn’t give a shit about spending cash. His new music video for “$ave Dat Money” had a $0 budget… and is truly changing the rap game.

Here's the (very expensive) checklist of must-have's when rappers film a music video.

  1. Cars (that you’d give up your first born child to own)
  2. Beautiful Houses (that I would never be allowed in)
  3. Yachting off the coast of some remote island
  4. A shit ton of Ciroc

Lil Dicky crossed all these things of his list in a legendary fashion. He quite literally saved his money by smooth-talking his way into borrowing a house, a yacht, and a ridiculously expensive car to film his video. He had Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan rapping on the song and featured Sarah Silverman, Kevin Durant, and a couple other D-list celebrities. He also casually got a text from T-Pain saying he could film on his music video set. Add all these things together, and what do you get? Millions of views online. Millions.

It seems we finally have someone in the rap game who is both not a complete idiot and actually knows how make (and keep) money. It looks like his degree from University of Richmond actually paid off, no pun intended. His unique way of approaching the rap industry makes him a business man that quite frankly other rappers should be intimated by. His sense of humor and witty rhymes set him apart from all other rappers in the game. Every other artist now seems basic, rapping about the girls they get, the cars they drive and the drugs they do. Real original. Lil Dicky's music videos on the other hand are cleverly shot but use cliché "rap things" like cars, women, and money by putting a unique twist on them.


Lil Dicky is setting the bar high for his competition. While other rappers are spending money on chains and cars, Lil Dicky is investing in his 401k. He's not trying to live up to the tough, masculine stereotype of rappers. He is who he is and he is not concerned with conforming to the stereotypical "rapper" prototype.

More importantly, Lil Dicky proves that it is possible to ball out on a budget, and every college student should take note of his epic example.

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