Logic Gears Up For a New Album Release


https://instagram.com/p/7tRTVKrods/ With his second studio album set to release in under a month, the rap phenomenon looks to gain some real rap respect with his new album The Incredible True Story. Logic has dropped multiple mixtapes with over a million downloads. Those who have followed his career will not be surprised that he is releasing another album in 2015—Logic has released at least one mixtape or album a year since 2010.

His new album is a concept album with an amazing story. The story takes place 100 years into the future when the Earth is essentially inhabitable. There are only five million people left on the planet and they all live in a space station. Thomas and Kai are flying to a new habitable planet, called “Paradise.” While they’re flying, they're listening to Logic’s album, The Incredible True Story. So we’re basically on this adventure with the two pilots, listening to the music with them. Dope, right?

The artist took to twitter to announce the albums title and artwork.


The album consists of 18 tracks and contains guest appearances from only Def Jam rappers: Big Lenbo, Lucy Rose and Jesse Boykins III. Led by the previously heard singles “Young Jesus” and “Like Woah,” The Incredible True Story will arrive everywhere on November 13 and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Logic released four mix tapes, all with positive reviews and was selected for the XXL Freshman list. He's toured alongside the likes of Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Tyler the Creator. Since his first mixtape was released in 2010, Logic has collaborated with artists including Casey Veggies, King Chip, Jhené Aiko, Kid Ink, Dizzy Wright, Trinidad James, and Elijah Blake, as well as producers Don Cannon, No I.D., and Key Wane.

Logic had reached a decent level of popularity and critical success through his mixtapes and his first album. When you release a series of acclaimed mixtapes, like the "Young Sinatra" series, and the time for your major debut has come, pressure tends to build. Appropriately named, “Under Pressure” the debut album blew up on the Internet and all over the radio. The lyrical abilities from Logic have never been a point of question, and everyone knows he has enough swag to go around.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this album launches him to rap superstardom. Logic has the unique ability to tell stories through his rhymes. He ebbs and flows on the beat flawlessly and has one of the most refreshing sounds in the game today. He has defined his own sound and chooses his samples very wisely; he pulls equally from golden age and new class artists.

A review I came across of his last album by the Rolling Stone said, “For all his gifts, Logic lacks the emotional depth and cinematic eye to tell his story with any real insight.” I think Logic is using this up-and-coming concept album to strike back at the haters. I have already pre-ordered the album and suggest you do the same.


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