Loud and Clear



By: Kari Monk

When there is a club for just about every type of extracurricular activity, finding your niche on a campus full of 20,000 undergraduate students seems to be a huge ordeal. Fortunately, Executive Producer, Grant Margolin, knew that the video/music industry was calling his name.

Loud and Clear is a music video production house comprised of digitally inclined Syracuse University students. These students have provided a system for up and coming artists that puts visuals to sound, and increases their fan base. The production company emphasizes their ability to ideate, iterate, and create high quality videos, all while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Once the artist's music is paired with an appropriately themed video, members of Loud and Clear post their work on various forms of social media for fans to see. Even more impressive than the staff’s ability to allure and attract the attention of students, is the company’s ability to expand and explore their opportunities.

Making their way into the fourth season of Loud and Clear, the video production company has decided to do a little "re-vamping". Their first three seasons were dedicated to producing music videos in a studio setting to showcase the artists and their work. Now that they have grown, Loud and Clear has decided to branch out, literally, into the natural setting of CNY. By utilizing the beautiful scenery around Syracuse's campus, Loud and Clear is not only able to benefit the artists who they work for, but themselves as well.

Their latest video, 'Big Weekend' by The Bird Calls, proves to be one of their best. Now that Loud and Clear is exploring new realms of creativity, viewers are able to appreciate the high quality produced videos. Aside from the few and the true who actually know how to work a camera that is not installed in the iPhone 5, students can still recognize the talent, and not-so-travailing efforts that have been put into each shoot.

So if your goal is to get involved with video production, music, art, or just anything creative, Loud and Clear is where to be. Check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/loudandclearSU .

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